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Best water powered sump pump


If you’re in a hurry and can’t take some time to go through in-depth reviews and useful buying advice, this short paragraph prepared by our research team should allow you to find the best water powered sump pump that is right for your needs. In determining the best products we have looked at user feedback, sales figures, reliability surveys and we have found that the Basepump RB 750 is the best because of its great features. This automatic solution comes with reduced maintenance and power costs and it offers a low tech alternative to a problem many households in areas with heavy rains usually have to confront. As it uses water to work, this sump pump ensures great pumping rates, which means that you will be able to maintain your basement dry at all times. The best part is that this model connects to your water supply, so all the discharge is sent through the existing system, and no leakage occur. For someone who does not want to invest a lot of money into such a system, this is really a great solution. If the Basepump RB 750 is unavailable, the Basepump RB 750-EZ is the next best alternative.


best water powered sump pump


A sump pump is used to move accumulated water from a sump pit a sump pit is typically found in a home basement, or is really just a hole in the ground to collect water, either from several drain locations or from natural ground water. Sump pumps are installed where basement flooding is seen as problem, and these are the aspects to check out when searching for the best water powered sump pump.


How to choose a new water powered sump pump


Choose from manual or automatic models.


An automatic sump pump turns on when a certain water level is reached. When the level of water falls to a lower level, the sump pump automatically shuts off. The automatic on/off mechanism is attributed to a switch wired to the machine that ensures that the unit turns on and off at the right water levels.

A manual sump pump entails that it be turned on and off by the user when needed.

For convenience, most people go for automatic sump pumps.



Determine how much horsepower you really need.


Sump pumps are available anywhere from ¼ horsepower to multiple horsepower. However, the homeowner can consider getting a water-powered pump instead of one that runs on electricity or a battery. This type of unit utilizes city water pressure to do its job. Since it can operate when water pressure hits a specific level, it is not geared to accommodate a large quantity of water. If your location doesn’t get that much rainfall, you can install just one.



Check out the pump’s head pressure.


Head pressure refers to how much vertical height the unit will pump before it loses flow. the manufacturer’s specifications will state the value for this aspect, so that when it says 18 feet, it means at 18 feet, water will no longer pump vertically and you’ll get zero gallons per minute. Anything below that will give some water flow.



Check out the cord length.


Remember to determine where the sump pump is actually going to sit relative to the AC outlet. Make sure the power cord has enough length to reach that outlet. In addition, bear in mind that the outlet should be grounded.

Depending on your needs, you also need to make doubly sure that the unit is of the appropriate phase and voltage for your application.



A backup system can be of two types: municipal water pressure-powered or battery powered. A backup or emergency sump pump system works in conjunction with a main AC pump to deliver added protection from flooding. It switches on during a power outage or when the primary pump fails. Some units come with a sound or light alert in case of problems.



Our recommendations



Basepump RB 750


1.Basepump RB 750Definitely needed in every home, the Basepump RB 750 Backup water powered sump pump is engineered for reliability and powerful performance. It needs no battery to run, reducing maintenance and wearing out of the system. The unit comes with no charger that you have to constantly monitor and plug in during use. It is an independent system that works automatically without piggybacking on the primary AC pump. Mounted on the ceiling and high above the sump basin, this model remains dry and clean throughout its operations. It is not mounted on the main pump itself, so it will do its job even when there’s a power outage or when the main pump itself fails.

Utilizing water to pump water, this backup pump delivers high pumping rates as well as more reliable efficiency. Connecting straight to your home water supply, it discharges to existing discharge from the primary pump or the exterior. It is made of durable, premium quality materials to ensure lasting functionality.

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Basepump RB 750-EZ


2.Basepump RB 750-EZEasy to install and extremely reliable, the Basepump RB 750-EZ Backup model has gotten some of the best water powered sump pump reviews out there. Offering exceptional pumping power, it runs on water so there’s no battery to maintain or that can wear out with continued use. The included plumbing parts save you money and facilitate installation and setup. The unit is made of PVC and polypropylene, along with stainless steel hardware that is resistant to rust and chipping for long life. Some brass fittings ship with the machine to ensure proper and complete installation.

Working independently of the main sump pump, this unit switches on automatically when the primary unit fails or there’s a power outage. It remains clean and dry until needed thanks to its ceiling-mounted design. The unit meets majority of local plumbing codes for backflow prevention. It connects straight to the home’s water supply via the included push-fit pipe fittings, offering value for money.

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Basepump HB1000-PRO


3.Basepump HB1000-PROOffering the highest pumping capacity on the market, the Basepump HB1000-PRO Backup is engineered with the needs of the professional plumber and do-it-yourself homeowner in mind. Using no battery to run, this is the best sump pump in 2016 as it saves on costs since the user won’t have to purchase replacement batteries or do battery maintenance. There’s no charger to maintain or keep plugged in either, as the unit automatically switches on when the main AC pump fails or when there’s a power outage.The included dual check valve backflow preventer keeps the unit running smoothly.

The ceiling mounted design guarantees the unit won’t have to go against the downward force of the water that most sump pump models need to battle vertically, helping it remove more water every hour. The unit effectively empties the sump to the lowest level when it runs, giving you peace of mind when it rains heavily. A battery operated water alarm ships with the system to ensure consistent performance.

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