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The advantages of using a pedestal sump pump


One of the main reasons pedestal sump pumps are so widely used and popular is that they are considerably more affordable compared to their submersible counterparts. The budget isn’t the only reason behind choosing a pedestal alternative, and that’s why we’ve put together a short list of the advantages one might get when browsing the market for such a product. Be sure to consider your needs and requirements as well as the dimension of pit.

2.The advantages of using a pedestal sump pump


They’re durable and longlasting


Although some models might not look like it, the fact of the matter is that pedestal sump pump can be considerably more durable than submersible variants. “Why?”, you might ask. The answer is simple: they’re not bathing in water all of the time. That’s why the motor engine has a lower chance of getting broken because of any type of water damage. Even of the motor is protected by various coatings, with submersible pumps, it can eventually get broken because of the water pressure or debris. Therefore, pedestal options tend to last a longer amount of time, and some people go as far as state that they last two to three times more than their counterparts.


They’re easy to clean and maintain


As their name suggests, pedestal pumps are easy to reach. They are not in the actual sump pit, which means that the motor is easy to access right above the basement floor. This detail is quite reassuring, considering that, in case anything whatsoever does go wrong and you need to get the assistance of a professional, he or she won’t charge you as much as he or she would when repairing a submersible pump. The time you’d spend fixing a submersible option doesn’t even resemble the one you have to spend maintaining a pedestal pump. Faced with the threat of a basement flooding, all owners want their sump pumps in top shape in as little time as possible.



Installation is a breeze


With submersible pumps, one needs to break the concrete in order to set up the whole ensemble. It is true that these types of pumps might also come with pros, which may range from the fact that they produce less noise to the convenience of not requiring any additional things to set it above the basement. Plus, they save space. However, if space is something you can sacrifice, you’ll find that installing a pedestal sump pump is as easy as a piece of cake. Some of the people who have reviewed a number of the popular units out there have underlined that they’re not exactly tech-savvy, and they have managed to do it themselves.



A pedestal sump pump won’t ruin your budget for life


Even though it might be slightly less powerful and convenient than other variants available on the market today, a pedestal sump pump is still worth the effort and the investment, as it can be outstandingly cost-effective. It’s the fundamental necessity that a home user can afford.


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