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Review on Wayne ESP25


Model specifications


1.1 WAYNE ESP25The Wayne ESP25 is probably the best battery backup sump pump that is now available in today’s marketplace. For one, its performance is excellent compared to other products in the same line. It is a ⅓-HP sump pump which works with a 12V DC power source. Since this is a battery backup system, it is not designed to be used as the main pump. Buyers might be interested in acquiring compatible models such as the Wayne CDU800. However, there’s a myriad of primary pumps that can be connected to this model, as there is no requirement in terms of control circuitry. This backup system can be installed on its own, alongside the sump pump the user already owns and utilizes on a regular basis. In the event where a user does not have enough room in the sump, he or she has the freedom to set up the Wayne ESP25 even at floor level.

The water capacity of this model is a feature to look for in any ⅓ HP model. Since it comes with thermoplastic housing, it is both durable and water resistant. What’s more, it does an excellent job at discharging 2,300 gallons per hour at an incline of 10 feet.

Battery compatibility is another detail to consider when browsing for a sump pump. Fortunately, this poses no issue even for the individuals who are not necessarily tech-savvy, as it works with virtually any type of battery in the Group 27 size. The model features a battery case made of polyethylene that can protect both an SLA battery and a deep-cycle lead-acid one. Regardless of the one you prefer using, the fact of the matter is that any battery requires some sort of checking every six months. Otherwise, you might have the nasty surprise of realizing that, in the time of need, your backup system is entirely useless.


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Main advantages of using the model


Some of the features that are most acclaimed by the people who have chosen this model are the performance, durability and value offered for the price of the unit. Some claim they have been using it for a relatively decent amount of time and that they are perfectly satisfied with the way it performs.

In the unlikely event that you need this backup system for as much as three days, you can rest assured that it is more than capable of doing its job as it is supposed to. If a 40Ah or 75Ah battery is being used, the owner has enough time to seek some help and get the primary pump fixed.

When the primary pump malfunctions or stops working altogether due to a power shortage or anything other, the Wayne ESP25 will tend to the emergency automatically. This unit keeps people posted when the primary pump fails to raise up to par on account of an automatic audible alarm.



Owner feedback


Some of the buyers were bothered by the audible alarm, as it seems that they were unable to shut it off.

It appears that the battery charger cord and the battery cable are a bit too short for some users, but this largely depends on the layout of your home and the amount of space there is between the backup pump and the outlet you plan to use.


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