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Review on Zoeller 98-0001


Model specifications


1.3 Zoeller 98-0001When it comes to durability and sturdiness, there’s nothing better than the Zoeller 98-0001. This is a heavy-duty submersible sump pump that does an exceptional job at what it is supposed to do. Part of its rugged build comes from the fact that both the motor and the pump reside in a cast iron housing that’s filled with oil and that’s well-known for being capable of lasting for many years to come. What’s more, various parts such as the arm, the fasteners, the seal assembly as well as the guard have all been constructed with corrosion-proof material, mainly stainless steel. The seals are made of a combination of carbon and ceramic whereas the other parts in the sump pump are coated by an epoxy finish.

In regards to performance, the Zoeller 98-0001 certainly looks like it’s the best submersible sump pump for the money. It can definitely move a lot of water and there’s no doubt about that. At 10 feet, the model can discharge as much as 3,660 gallons per hour, whereas at 15 feet that figure drops slightly and turns into 2,700 gallons per hour.

The Zoeller 98-0001 features a polypropylene vertical float switch that makes it stand out from all the other models that exist on the same line. The 6-inch float range makes it possible for the unit to pump more water during a single cycle, which in the end means that the motor of the Zoeller has a high chance of lasting for several years more than other sump pumps.

The power cord length of this alternative measures 15 feet, something that is usually enough for most people but might fail to satisfy a number of buyers. As most sump pump users know, it is prohibited to use an extension cord with a sump pump.


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Main advantages of using the model


This American sump pump takes the cake when it comes to performance, efficiency and reliability, as emphasized by the many positive customer reviews it has gathered over different periods of time. Even during the harshest conditions, the pump will do its job with as little effort as possible, which means that there’s a net advantage of using this alternative as it’s practically maintenance-free.

Since it is sturdy, waterproof and corrosion-resistant, it’s undoubtedly worth checking out when prospecting the market for a replacement or a new model. Installation is a breeze judging by the user ratings and operation is relatively quiet.

From what we have seen, the Zoeller 98-0001 is among the perfectly capable units that can be bought at a reasonable price. Many online marketplaces sell it for around three hundred dollars or more, but buyers can take advantage of the sale or discounts organized by Amazon and sometimes get it for less than price point.

1.2 Zoeller 98-0001


Owner feedback


Some of the individuals whose opinions we have consulted have complained about the setup being too complicated for their degree of knowledge and experience. This is a subjective matter that rarely occurs provided that the owner is somewhat tech-savvy. Once they’ve figured out how to install the product, these people were also satisfied with the way it performs.


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