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Review on Zoeller 84-0001 Old Faithful 84


Model specifications


1.1 Zoeller 84-0001Equipped with a robust ½ horsepower motor, this sump moves water with excellent power.

Offering reliable performance, this is easily the best pedestal sump pump thanks to its pretty strong water transfer power supported by a motor that’s one of the most capable in this class. At ½ horsepower, the motor is stronger than the other ⅓ horsepower ones of its competitors. The motor is mounted above the pit cover, ensuring protection from water, high humidity and water spray for lasting use. The entire sump pump has undergone 100 percent factory testing to ensure quality and reliable service that you can enjoy for years to come. Sleep soundly even when the storm outside is at its worst!


To ensure a long service life, this model uses high quality materials in its construction.

Protecting your property entails that you only invest in the best products available to carry out the most demanding applications and this includes moving water out of your basement or crawlspace. This sump pump from the Zoeller pump company is manufactured using premium quality materials that do not corrode easily, with each component designed, machined and assembled in the USA. The Zoeller company ensures that every pump in the series is ready to install right out of the box thanks to the exquisite attention to detail that the units get at the factory. This Zoeller pump is simply one of the best on the market!


The components of the sump pump are designed to handle the most demanding applications.

The polyethylene float is made chemically resilient to operate the positive displacement switch on a 30-cm or 12-inch adjustable cycle. The top of the pump housing is geared to have strainer functionality to ensure that it can pass small solids and lint to prevent clogging. The metal-enclosed, split-phase motor has integrated thermal overload protection and is permanently lubricated, ensuring long service life and virtually zero maintenance. The pump housing and base are constructed of heavy-duty thermoplastic or cast iron for durability. There is no strainer that needs periodic cleaning or replacement and that is prone to deterioration. The non-corrosive shaft and high-impact PVC column ensure reliable operation for many years.


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Main advantages of using the model


This model belongs to a line of pumps designed for heavy-duty residential use.

When you have residential wastewater issues, this model fills the need for a strong-performing sump pump. Delivering the best solution, this unit offers years of durability and service for indoor commercial use in transferring groundwater and unwanted water from the foundation of the home, the basement and work areas to keep your property free from flooding.


This model is versatile enough for use in light commercial applications.

For light commercial dewatering applications, this Old Faithful sump pump offers service and durability through the years. Keeping your work areas, foundation and basement free of unwanted water, the unit offers an impressive 1.5-inch NPT discharge that fits light commercial applications. It is usable in sump basins as small as 18 inches by 22 inches. The maximum head pressure is at 16 inches and the unit shuts off once water levels reach 4 inches only.


This model offers a reliable duty cycle.

The pedestal sump pump is equipped to run at an adjustable 12 inches cycle right out of the box, and at the factory, it has been set to operate at a 9-inch cycle. It offers capability to move water at temperatures of 130℉. The plated steel float rod, permanently-lubed upper sleeve bearing, nylon guide and durable lower bronze bushing are designed for lasting use.

1.2 Zoeller 84-0001


Owner feedback


One of the users commented on the sump pump being noisy during operation, but this only ensures the homeowner that the unit kicks in when it is needed. This is to eliminate having to go down the basement during a howling storm just to check if the sump pump switches on as needed to ensure a dry, flood-free basement.


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