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Review on Zoeller 507-0008


Model specifications


1.2 Zoeller 507-0008A highly efficient sump pump that can raise up to par

This pre-assembled sump pump can be used with the battery backup provided in the pack. The model does wonders when it comes to evacuating large water quantities, particularly when the primary pump has failed for some reason or other. This unit features a self-contained 10-amp battery charger and works with most batteries of which the voltage is 12. Customers are advised that this is a 1/3HP alternative that turns on automatically when the primary M53 pump has stopped working.


Extra protection for the battery

One of the specs that are likely to attract the attention of prospective buyers is the battery case. It comes with the rest of the unit and can accommodate all types of marine batteries fitting into the 27 group size.


Cast iron at its best

Unlike other models in the line, the motor housing, the bearings, as well as the pump housing case of this alternative are all made of cast iron. The base of the pump has been designed using thermoplastic, and the impeller has been built with engineered glass filled plastic.


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Main advantages of using the model


The best solution in the line

Getting a backup pump is never a bad idea and that’s easy to see if you’re willing to decide to purchase this alternative. After all, it has been named one of the most dependable options in the same category, which is why it has acquired some of the most remarkable user reviews over time. The model has everything from power to efficiency.


Reliability is at the core of the Zoeller 507-0008

Above all, the Zoeller 507-0008 is a reliable thing to have in your basement. It can do wonders when the primary pump may be suffering from the occasional power outage that might occur during storms and other nasty weather conditions. Wiring and electrical problems are also at the root of a system fail, so the Zoeller 507-0008 automatically starts working once it has determined that the main pump can’t do its job anymore.


Great value for the price

While it might be a tad less affordable compared to other alternatives that are now being sold on the market, we say that it’s worth every cent. Judging by the appreciation it has gathered over time, the Zoeller is worth considering if you’re still prospecting the market for a well-made, durable product that can do whatever it’s supposed to do in as little time and with as little noise as possible. Since it’s easy to install even for individuals who aren’t tech-savvy, it allows buyers to save some money which would otherwise have been spent on hiring a professional.

1.1 Zoeller 507-0008


Owner feedback


The vast majority of the ratings and reviews we’ve come across during our research speak highly of the advantages offered by the Zoeller 507-0008. Some say they are very happy with the entire system as it seems to be capable of handling melted snow and rain that can usually overwhelm the model’s competitors.


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