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Review on Wayne WSS30V


Model specifications


2. WAYNE WSS30VThe Wayne WSS30V is the best battery backup sump pump on the market today, as it comes with a broad variety of specs and features that are quite hard to say no to. For one, this is a 120-volt primary pump that can pump approximately 4200 gallons per hour at zero feet discharge lift.

At ten feet, the unit can do a tremendous job at pumping 3150 gallons per hour. The model comes with a 12-volt back-up pump that can be used in order to discharge a flow of 3300 gallons per hour at zero feet and 2300 gallons per hour at a lift of 10 feet. The number of GPH is the primary consideration that must be taken into account when browsing for a durable and convenient sump pump, and luckily this one has a more than adequate flow.

The primary pump has been built with cast iron, which considerably adds to the overall item durability. The battery back-up pump is a net winner when it comes to reliability, since it is high-flow and corrosion resistant. The suction type of this product is another detail to ponder, as it has been engineered and constructed to that it automatically eliminates clogging and debris.

This system has been specially designed to fit sumps or basins of which the diameter is at least 15 inches or more. The package includes the primary pump, a vertical float switch, the battery back-up pump, the reed float switch, two check valves as well as a battery box complete with a charger.

This is one of the most acclaimed units on the line, but that does not come as a surprise considering that the Wayne brand has been on the market for a decent amount of time. What’s more, all of the components of this sump pump are assembled in the United States and meet all official requirements.


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Main advantages of using the model


Above all, this is one of the easiest to install and use sump pumps we’ve come across during our entire research. While this might not necessarily a factor so important for people looking to get some help when it comes to setting up their units, the fact of the matter is that the Wayne WSS30V has been designed in such a way that even regular buyers can install it. As emphasized by several owners who wrote reviews on this product, this pump can be used right out of the box. It comes pre-plumbed.

Another advantage of getting and utilizing this model is that it’s exceptionally quiet. When they start working in the middle of the night, some units are known to wake users up. However, this won’t happen with the Wayne WSS30V, as some buyers have reported that it was hard for them to hear it working even after having installed it.



Owner feedback


While the vast majority of the customer reviews we came across are positive, there have been some people who have run into minor issues. Most of these were related to the power cord of the battery-powered pump, as it isn’t long enough for the outlets some individuals have installed in their basements.


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