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Review on Wayne SPV500


Model specifications


1. Wayne SPV500The WAYNE SPV500 sump pump offers effective drainage with its ability to discharge up to 4080 gallons per hour at 0 feet.

Offering a maximum flow rate of 4080 gallons per hour and 2160 gallons per hour at 10 feet of discharge lift, this model is a self-priming product so it is easily the best pedestal sump pump for a variety of applications. Equipped with a cast-iron pedestal, this device features a top suction pump design that eliminates the hazards of air locks and bothersome clogging from debris found in the bottom of the sump basin. Powered by a robust 1/3 horsepower motor, this model can move water out of essential sections of the home such as your basement to keep your property flood-free.


The pump offers safety and convenience during operation.

Equipped with an adjustable vertical float switch, this unit provides easy and convenient use. The vertical float switch enables effortless modifications in the operating cycle to ansure suitability to the specific application. The strong 115-volt motor has a power draw of 3.7 amps, ensuring cost-effective operation every time, thanks to its integrated thermal protection with air cooling. This protects from system overload during heavy use and also safeguards against overheating, so even if the sump pump runs continuously during heavy rains and snow melt conditions, you can enjoy peace of mind. You won’t even need to do any changes to your plumbing layout if you choose to install this product.


Aside from its high-performance motor, this model comprises high-quality components.

Designed for long term use, this sump pump is equipped with premium quality components that ensure a top rated build and exceptional performance. The high-performance motor comes with a durable epoxy-coated steel column that ensures strength and resistance to corrosion and easy disintegration. The volute is made of tough cast iron for stability. The fasteners are all made of stainless steel to provide rust-free service. The polycarbonate impeller is made for smooth operation and problem-free service without clogging so the impeller pushes the water out through the pipe consistently. This sump pump works well with a 1.5- inch NPT discharge for effortless installation.


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Main advantages of using the model


Suitable for use in new installations and to serve as a replacement unit, this is your top choice for your home.

Get this product to replace your old submersible or pedestal-type sump pump. It is a great replacement unit that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Thanks to its easy installation and simple setup, this model will not be difficult to get running in no time, so you can make the most of its capability to pump 4080 gallons per hour at 0 feet.


Your basement is sure to stay flood-free even during those most critical weather conditions.

Anyone who has ever had to wade deep in flood waters in the basement during heavy downpours and extensive snow melts can appreciate how this model provides sufficient pumping power to move water of of their property. It can be difficult to contend with overflowing washers or laundry sinks, and installing this sump pump ensures normalcy in your daily activities.


Perfect for residential applications, this sump pump offers reliable performance every time.

With its vertical switch, this model ensures dependable and stable operation. The mechanical vertical-type switch is designed to float vertically to engage the pump when needed and promptly turn it off when the water has receded. Effective for sump pits 14 inches and wider, this UL-listed unit is perfect for use in the home. The two-year warranty ensures reliable quality and craftsmanship.

3. Wayne SPV500


Owner feedback


The buyer needs to purchase a number of hardware items for the successful installation of this sump pump. This will include valves and hoses for solid connection to your existing pipe. The hardware is easily available in plumbing supply stores and buying them gives the buyer a sensible choice on what to get for their needs.


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