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Review on WAYNE SPF33


Model specifications


1.1 WAYNE SPF33Performance

The WAYNE SPF33 has been equipped with a powerful ⅓ HP motor which practically speaks on its own with regard to the performance this model can offer. Depending on the lift, the product can be used to get rid of as much as 3600 gallons of water per hour. This water capacity drops slightly at a lift of 10 feet, where the unit is able to discharge as much as 2500 GPH.



In spite of what some people might think about thermoplastic, the fact of the matter is that it’s a rather durable material and one that can withstand the test of time. It all depends on whether you plan to install the model in your basement or use it elsewhere around the house. Since the lastingness of this unit hasn’t been estimated, the least thing we can note is that the series it’s a part of has been tested for one million cycles.


Motor housing

What’s more, the epoxy-coated steel motor housing is a reassuring feature for people looking for a dependable model that they can rely on. If you choose the WAYNE SPF33, you won’t have to worry about the engine ever being affected by any water considering that the housing is corrosion-resistant and doesn’t allow any liquid to penetrate the motor space.


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Main advantages of using the model



Hiring a professional in order to install your new sump pump is the right thing to do if you have no knowledge about the setup process whatsoever or if you don’t have any acquaintance that could help you with it. However, we’ve noticed that most of the people who’ve taken the time to express their opinions on the WAYNE SPF33 say that they didn’t have any trouble installing it by themselves. On the one hand, the model comes with a 1-½” NPT discharge, and on the other it’s constructed in such a way so that it minimizes clogging. In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a user-friendly sump pump, it just doesn’t get better than this.


Doesn’t make a lot of noise

Depending on your personal preferences, perhaps you might want to buy a quiet sump pump. People with kids usually choose these units according to their noise level, so it’s worth pointing out that this model doesn’t make too much noise. In fact, many reviewers have spoken highly about its capabilities and about the fact that it allows owners sleep well at night.


For various sump applications

Since the piping comes along with the product, the model is fairly easy to set up. As such, it manages to do the trick under most circumstances and the most notable advantage, in this case, is that it can be installed in different places. Some people use it for their pools whereas others have set it up indefinitely in their basements. It all boils down to the owner’s needs.



Owner feedback

The user feedback about the WAYNE SPF33 is mostly favorable, with people describing it as a powerful, strong, and quiet pump.


Buy from for ($104.99)




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