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Review on Wayne RUP160


Model specifications


2.WAYNE RUP160Efficient motor

While it might not be the most powerful option out there, the Wayne RUP160 has been designed with the modern user in mind, which is why the manufacturing brand has decided to equip it with a ⅙ HP motor. It’s true that some might find this performance less suited for heavy applications, but this is not the primary purpose of a utility pump, in general. It needs to be lightweight and reasonably sized and offer good performance so that it works under different circumstances.


Excellent flow rate

The neat thing about the Wayne RUP160 is that it is more than capable of getting rid of up to two thousand gallons per hour. This figure is a flow rate that can’t even be compared to some submersible or pedestal sump pumps, which are supposed to be more efficient when it comes to discharging liquids in the basement and other tight spaces.


Can get rid of deep waters

It is important to note that the Wayne RUP160 needs at least ⅜ inches of water in order to be able to do its job. Some people may think otherwise and decide to order the unit without reading the product description, in which case they’ll have to return the pump. Also, you ought to avoid letting the pump run when there’s no water for it to discharge as this will be detrimental to the lubrication


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Main advantages of using the model


Convenience and affordability

On the one hand, the Wayne RUP160 is fairly easy to use and won’t raise too many technical difficulties to users, be they tech-savvy or not. Secondly, there’s a net advantage to choosing this product and it consists of the fact that it costs less than one hundred dollars. Of course, this is not a heavy-duty water pump, but it still manages to get you out of a tricky situation once in a while.


Durability doesn’t have to come at a cost

Most of the parts in this pump have been constructed out of materials that are resistant to corrosion. What this means for the end-user is that he or she will not have to worry about any rust eating away through the components of the utility pump. What’s more, the manufacturing brand backs the product up with a warranty that lasts for an entire year, which gives you more than enough time to get in touch with customer support and report any issues that might occur.


A top-rated utility pump that does a great job

In the end, it all boils down to what you’re trying to achieve by using a utility pump such as the Wayne RUP160. If you ever change your mind, you can’t go wrong with this model as you’ll be able to utilize it for your sinks, tanks, water-filled boats, pools, and even flooded basements.



Owner feedback


Over two hundred individuals took the time to write favorable reviews about the way the Wayne model has managed to raise up to par. Most of the feedback we’ve come across is positive in spite of the fact that several people have reported having trouble with the garden hose adaptor as they can’t seem to find a compatible one.


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