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Review on Wayne CDU980E


Model specifications


1Flow rate

The flow rate is one of the crucial considerations to take into account when prospecting the market for a new sump pump. Fortunately, the Wayne CDU980E does not disappoint when it comes to the amount of water it can discharge as it is more than capable to remove 4600 gallons at zero feet and 3500 gallons per hour at ten feet.


Excellent power

Part of the reason that the CDU980E is thought of as one of the most reliable options out there is the fact that it comes with a ¾ HP motor engine of which the performance is downright remarkable. Besides, the model has been built out of stainless steel and cast iron and features a base that is virtually indestructible. The same goes for the motor housing, which has been constructed out of stainless steel.


Top suction design

The design of the top suction pump area makes it possible for the unit to keep doing its job regardless of the debris that might have been accumulating at the bottom of the machine. In actuality, this component is capable of filtering the debris as well as minimizing any clogging events that might occur over time.


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Main advantages of using the model



Wayne is one of the most trusted manufacturers of sump pumps in the world and in spite of the fact that some of its products are now being manufactured in China, the brand treats its customers with the utmost respect. This is the reason all of the units designed by the company do not fail to meet and even exceed the expectations of prospective buyers. After all, even at a lift of 20 feet, this model does an outstanding job when it comes to discharging up to 1,100 gallons per hour.



Two of the core materials used in the build process of the Wayne CDU980E are stainless steel and cast iron. The base has been constructed out of cast iron which makes it extremely durable, whereas the motor has been developed so that it is encased in a stainless steel housing that prevents it from overheating. Plus, the model is backed by a 5-year warranty, allowing owners to report any issue to the brand’s customer support.


Ease of installation and use

While the Wayne CDU980E is strictly made for pits of which the diameter is 11 inches or more, the fact of the matter is that the pump doesn’t advance any technical difficulties to users. Even if you aren’t the most tech-savvy individual on the planet, you’re able to read the comprehensive instructions provided by the manufacturer and manage to install the pump on your own. This detail is a net advantage as you won’t have to pay any money for help. What’s more, since the CDU980E is automatic, you needn’t worry about anything as it will start and stop whenever its services are required.



Owner feedback

Over time, this model has gathered more than one hundred and sixty favorable reviews. People praise the ability of the sump pump to eliminate water even when small stones are trying to jam it. Other owners say that the unit is quiet and efficient and is a winner if you’re looking for the best value for the right price.


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