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Review on Wayne CDU800


Model specifications


1.1 WAYNE CDU800The Wayne CDU800 ½ HP is the best submersible sump pump for the money, as emphasized by the many positive user reviews this model has gathered ever since it’s been released on the market. Part of this widespread appreciation on the American market comes from the fact that this is a durable unit, what with its cast iron construction. Another reason this is among the sturdiest products on the line is the fact that it comes with a specially designed mechanical seal made with ceramic, which makes sure that the Wayne CDU800 meets and even exceeds the expectations of users in matters of reliability.

This model is destined for pits of which the diameter is a minimum of 11 inches.  Be sure to check out the dimensions of the pit before ordering a submersible sump pump. The maximum flow rate of this option is 4200 gallons per hour at zero feet. At ten feet, the unit is more than capable of discharging an approximate 3150 gallons per hour. This circumstance changes when the discharge lift becomes twenty feet, as the flow rate in this case would be just 600 gallons for every hour that goes by.

The Wayne CDU800 comes with a 1-½-inch NPT discharge that makes the unit compatible with a large number of pipes that can be purchased on the market today. What’s more, the top suction design of this product can do a tremendous job when it comes to eliminating clogging and filtering debris.

The model is backed by a 3-year consumer warranty. While this might not be such an important spec to consider, the fact of the matter is that it’s reassuring to know that during three whole years, the owner has the freedom to contact the Wayne customer support and report any issue he or she might ever come across.


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Main advantages of using the model


Aside from being built with some of the highest quality materials out there, the model takes the cake when it comes to ease of use. In fact, it’s remarkably easy to install even if the user has little to no knowledge about sump pumps in general. The detail that makes installation a breeze is the 1-1/2 inch discharge.

Another advantage that might come from owning and using this type of sump pump is that it has been manufactured by one of the most well-known brands in the industry. Wayne is an American company based in Harrison, Ohio, which has more than seventy years of experience with building reliable and worry-free pumps. Therefore, there practically is no chance of the user encountering any issue with customer support as the brand has offices all throughout the United States.

The unit is affordable and acclaimed, with over eighty users claiming it’s worth considering if you’re prospecting the market. This is a powerful and quiet model that does its job without waking up anyone in the building.

1.3 WAYNE CDU800


Owner feedback


While the majority of the people who have purchased this alternative claim they’re perfectly satisfied with how it performs, there have been some individuals who have reported minor issues. Some have found that the installation isn’t as easy as others may claim to be. On this account, several buyers say that the instructions could have been a little more detailed.


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