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Review on the Wayne WAPC250


Model specifications


An automatic pump

This product has been outfitted with an automatic system that enables it to activate on its own whenever it detects the presence of water at or above 2-⅛ inches. The model shuts itself off when the level of the water has reached ¾ inches or lower.


Non-clogging design

Despite its small size and apparently limited capabilities, this pump has been equipped with a strainer base that can filter debris so as to minimize the chances of the system ever getting clogged. The same base is responsible for maintaining the position of the pump so as to prevent it from tipping over.


Good flow rate

The WAPC250 can get rid of as many as 3000 gallons per hour as long as it is installed using a ¼ inch drain hose. The GPH capacity is a good pointer as to whether or not this product can be used for pools, ponds, and other applications that require the removal of a superior amount of clean or dirty water.


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Main advantages of using the model


Design simplicity

Something that should be added in relation to the WAPC250 is that it comes with a user-friendly design. All you have to do, if you ever require its services, is to place it on top of the water and plug it into a power outlet. The pump will then do its job without requiring your interference especially as it boasts an auto on and auto off setting.


Reliability and performance

The flow rate of this product is one of its greatest selling points. It’s more than capable of getting rid of three thousand gallons of clean or dirty water for every hour that goes by. What this means is that it can be utilized for a variety of purposes. So, if you plan to drain a regular pool or a pond, it’s very likely that you might be in need of the services offered by the Wayne WAPC250.

The ¼-HP motor that the product comes equipped with is another clue as to whether or not it will meet users’ requirements and expectations.


25-ft rope

When it comes to pumps used for draining pools, it is sometimes difficult to position the unit in the right place so as to discharge the water at its highest level. Fortunately, the model comes with a 25-foot rope that enables owners to modify its placement without encountering any difficulties in this sense.


Owner feedback


Over seven hundred individuals seem to think that investing in this pump is a good idea. Some say that it is a small and reasonably quiet alternative that seems to get the job done without the owner having to do anything about it. Consumers are advised that there’s no on and off button on the pump and that it will turn itself on and off whenever it detects that the water level has reached a certain threshold.


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