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Review on Superior Pump 92301


Model specifications


1.2 Superior Pump 92301The Superior Pump 92301 is outfitted with a vertical switch.

Well-suited for majority of installations, the vertical switch on this best pedestal sump pump enables effortless installation and adjustment. The piggyback plug enables simple operation. The vertical switch comprises a float that rises with the water as water rises in the sump pit. At a pre-programmed height, the float will then activate a switch that engages the pump to turn on. When the water level decreases, the float also falls with the water, thereby shutting the pump off at a preset height. This proves to be perfect for handling sump pits with small diameters since the motion of the vertical switch is given a level of control as it travels on the pump-attached rod or discharge pipe.


The sump pump is outfitted with a continuous-duty motor.

Conveniently positioned above the floor, the Superior Pump 92301’s ⅓- horsepower motor provides peace of mind to users during the most critical applications. The motor has built-in automatic thermal overload protection that provides exceptional air cooling to ensure that the sump pump can deliver performance for twice the lifetime of other brands of submersible sump pumps. The pumping cycle time can easily be modified to be longer to handle deeper sump basins thanks to the immense capacity of adjustment for the float switch, which also extend the lifetime of the motor itself. The motor is quite energy efficient with its miserly power draw of only 2.6 amps. It simply needs to be plugged into a GFCI-protected 120-volt, 20A outlet


The sump pump features a solid cast iron base/impeller housing.

To ensure excellent durability, the sump pump is built with a one-piece motor housing, which makes the pump stronger while dissipating heat more quickly and efficiently. There are double seals on the bottom of each motor plate to block water from entering the motor housing and causing performance downgrade or failure. The motor windings do not have any inferior coated wirings, utilizing nothing less than solid copper in their construction. Get more power using less energy thanks to the split capacitor, which works both to boost for start up and to ensure efficient continuous running. The heavy duty stainless steel jacketed shaft steel boasts top quality thanks to its resilience against corrosion, along with the pump impeller and float ball.


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Main advantages of using the model


This sump pump is efficient both as a new installation as well as a replacement unit.

This sump pump can serve as a most suitable replacement for an existing pedestal-style or submersible sump pump. Due to its low cost and simple setup, it offers easy handling that should not entail a significant amount of break in. It has a 2,280-gallons-per-hour nominal rating that helps it handle heavy spring rains with extra more to spare when needed.


Keeping your average-size basement free of water is effortless with this model.

The ⅓-horsepower pedestal sump pump helps maintain a flood-free average-size basement. It offers more than enough power to eliminate water due to overflow from washers or laundry sinks as well as flooding from heavy rains. It’s a powerful primary pump that can handle small sum basins measuring 12 inches in diameter. It works best in sump pits from 6 inches to 18 inches deep or greater.


This model offers solid performance for residential applications.

Rated to discharge water at a height of 10 feet, this model also pumps at a rate of 2,100 gallons per hour ar 15 feet, which means it can readily move inflow water to a storm drain during heavy snow melt and intense rain conditions. This ensures that your basement stays dry and free of flooding no matter what the weather may be. The sump pump handles liquids up to 180℉.

1.3 Superior Pump 92301


Owner feedback


Most users have noticed that despite the solid quality of the sump pump, the float switch lever is quite fragile. Replacing it with a better quality switch is easy though, and it will not affect the general performance of this top selling sump pump. It is still considered superior to others on the market by many happy users.


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