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Review on Red Lion RL-SC50T


Model specifications


1.2 Red Lion RL-SC50TExcellent flow rate

Although it does not even come close to the cost of other high-end alternatives, the Red Lion RL-SC50T offers a discharge that is similar to expensive options. Consequently, this sump pump can be utilized to discharge up to 4,300 gallons per hour at zero lift.


Performance doesn’t come at a high cost

While it might be less powerful compared to other units in the same line, the Red Lion Rl-SC50T clearly raises up to par, all thanks to the ½ HP motor engine it comes with. The engine is energy-efficient and does exactly what it is supposed to do with little to no hassle on the part of the user. What’s more, this pump seems to have been created just to eliminate the water that might be accumulating in basements and crawl spaces, where house owners don’t have the convenience of reaching all the spots that may have been flooded.


Cast iron is what makes the Red Lion RL-SC50T so durable

Reliability isn’t an issue of the Red Lion RL-SC50T and that’s because this pump is made with heavy-duty cast iron. Many of the people who took some of their time to review the product claim that it’s been a fantastic replacement for pumps that have stopped working after two decades or so.


Buy from for ($143.91)




Main advantages of using the model



Compared to other sump pumps in the category, it goes without saying that the Red Lion RL-SC50T is one of the most cost-efficient options you may have available nowadays. While its design might not be the most beautiful thing in the world, the pump is powerful and fully capable of doing what it’s supposed to do. Since it costs less than two hundred dollars, we think that it’s worth considering as an investment for the health of your basement.


Versatility and convenience

The magnificent thing about this model is that it can be installed by the end-user, without him or her needing to consult the opinion of a professional or even hire someone to do the task. Plus, the RL-SC50T is practically maintenance-free as it does its job without needing any interference on the part of the owner. As emphasized by several buyers, this unit can do just as good of a job as superior pumps such as Zoeller and Wayne would.


Tremendous customer support

Even though there have been some individuals who have complained about the fact that the sump pump is backed for just three years, we’ve seen that many customers speak highly of the policy offered by the brand. What’s more, the brand’s representatives actually answer the emails of buyers and provide informed answers to their questions.

1.3 Red Lion RL-SC50T


Owner feedback


The vast majority of the folks who reviewed the RL-SC50T claim it’s worth every penny as it can finally meet and even exceed the expectations of sump pump buyers. It’s both powerful and quiet and won’t make you get up in the middle of the night just because it has managed to wake up the baby on account of its racket. All in all, the RL-SC50T is one of the top rated residential sump pumps out there.


Buy from for ($143.91)




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