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Review on Little Giant APCP-1700


Model specifications


1.1 Little Giant APCP-1700The Little Giant APCP-1700 is powerful enough as it can discharge as much as 1700 gallons per hour. That’s not a detail that one might tend to ignore when it comes to purchasing a submersible pump. What’s more, the model has an integrated float switch and can be placed on the pool cover. When positioned properly, the pump will automatically start doing what it is supposed to do once the water level increases and the sensor detects that a rise of 2” has taken place.

The product comes with its own 25-ft, 110v power cord which means a lot for people wanting to avoid extension cords. The fact is it is common knowledge that one should not use extension cords when dealing with sump pumps, as these can affect the performance of the units and thus render them incapable of doing their jobs.

The Little Giant APCP-1700 features a built-in handle which comes in handy if you ever feel like moving the unit from one place to the next. All that users have to do is grab a broomstick in order to modify the placement of the Little Giant APCP-1700.

Another detail that’s worth mentioning with this model is that it features an energy efficient motor and features a mechanical float for dependability. Since the base of the product is rather wide, it won’t encounter any issues in terms of stability. In addition, the core weight of the sump pump isn’t all that impressive, as it weighs in at just 11.1 lbs, allowing it to be operated and moved around by various kinds of users, regardless of their physical features. Since it is UL certified and comes with all the characteristics of a dependable alternative, it might be the best submersible sump pump for the money.


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Main advantages of using the model


As previously mentioned, the model does well when it comes to performance. Since it can remove up to 1700 gallons per hour, you don’t need to worry about anything as you can simply leave it out and forget about it. Once you feel like doing a bit of cleaning or maintenance, you can do so no muss no fuss, as the intake screen is very easy to remove. There’s no need to unscrew anything with this model.

Both the handle and the long power cord that comes with this unit are two of the characteristics that are highly spoken of by many buyers. It seems that the handle is convenient, as is the power cord, since it doesn’t ask for an extension cord at all.

The Little Giant APCP-1700 is actually inexpensive were we to compare it to other pool cover pumps.

1.3 Little Giant APCP-1700


Owner feedback


The unit has to be unplugged in freezing conditions, as there is a high chance of the hose freezing up inside and becoming stuck with ice. If the pump keeps running in that event, it can burn out. Older owners have reported that they find the weight of the model to be just a little too much for their capabilities.


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