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Review on Little Giant 506160 6-CIA- ML


Model specifications


1.1 Little Giant 506160 6-CIA-MLA fully functional ⅓ HP motor

Even though it looks considerably more basic compared to other alternatives in the same line, the Little Giant 506160 is known for doing its job properly thanks to its reasonably powerful ⅓ HP shaded pole motor.


Built for continuous use

One of the specifications of this model that doesn’t fail to impress is the fact that it comes with overload protection which makes it the top choice for primary pumps. If you don’t require a lot of discharge as perhaps you don’t live in an area prone to natural disasters, storms and other nasty weather mishaps, then this is the model to get. After all, it features a cast iron motor housing filled with oil that makes it close to impossible for the motor to ever overheat.


Upper sintered sleeve bearings

The bearings in this product are, on the one hand, more affordable compared to the ones you might find in other units. On the other hand, it’s more convenient to replace the bearings in case they’re broken instead of replacing the entire sump pump. Aside from the cost reason, there’s a net advantage of this kind of bearings as they won’t make too much noise neither will they generate too much heat.


Buy from for ($138.98)




Main advantages of using the model


Efficiency and reliability

Nobody wants to purchase a sump pump and reach the conclusion that it’s worthless on many levels. That is why you need to check out the features and advantages offered by the Little Giant 506160, two of which are reliability and efficiency. Sure, the discharge provided by this option is considerably lower compared to very advanced models in the same line, as this one can pump just around forty-six gallons per minute. Even so, if you don’t require a high-end unit that costs a pretty penny, this one is definitely worth considering.


Affordability at its best

The really neat thing about the Little Giant is that it costs less than three hundred dollars, which is something you can rarely see in a submersible sump pump. We saw that products manufactured by some of the brand’s competitors can cost as much as five and even six hundred dollars. It’s true that their discharge rates are somewhere in the thousands of gallons per minute, but the price point has a lot to say when it comes to the user’s satisfaction. What point is there in buying an overly expensive pump when you don’t have that much water to discharge from the basement?


Dependability doesn’t have to come at a cost

Many of the individuals who took the time to write detailed reviews about the performance of this model have come to the conclusion that it is a noteworthy replacement for other models they had been using for several years. As long as the sump pump is utilized on occasion, it makes for a great bet considering that none of the users who’ve reviewed it claim it malfunctions in any event.

1.2 Little Giant 506160 6-CIA-ML


Owner feedback


Although the vast majority of the reviews we’ve come across are positive and speak highly of the value offered for the cost of this pump, some people seem to be bothered with the noise it makes when it gets turned on automatically. That’s probably due to the fact that it won’t work continuously as it should be installed in areas that aren’t prone to flooding and the likes.


Buy from for ($138.98)




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