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Review on Liberty Pumps 257


Model specifications


1.1 Liberty Pumps 257The Liberty 257 features a premium build.

Made of cast iron, this sump pump boasts a strong unibody or one-piece housing that is unlike that of other brands that need a lower motor seal ring, which can be a source of weakness during long-term use. Built to last, the cast iron housing is epoxy treated to withstand corrosion. The stainless steel shaft is also resistant to rust, along with the fasteners. The cast iron body provides enough heft to keep the unit stable in the sump basin. This rugged and dependable unit is equipped with a long-lasting vertical float switch designed to prevent float malfunction. The three-year warranty ensures premium workmanship.


This model provides reliable use.

This workhorse sump pump carries an efficient motor design that enables it to pump up to 50 gallons per minute while reducing electrical usage by a whopping 40 percent. It only requires 8 amps to start and uses 5.2 amps during the running cycle. At a five-foot vertical lift enables it to pump 2700 gallons per hour, while at a ten-foot vertical lift, it can pump 2250 gallons per hour. The sump pump can handle ½-inch spherical solids thanks to the clog-resistant design of its vortex impeller. The no-flow height or shut-off head is 21 feet.


This sump pump is cost-efficient and convenient to use.

With a pumping performance that exceeds that of its competitors, this best rated sump pump offers real quality for money. It has a hermetically-sealed motor and switch cavities along with permanently lubricated bearings to enable it to handle the job efficiently without breakdown or disintegration. The absence of a screen on the vortex impeller means no clogging up with pea gravel and sludge. the quick disconnect motor power cord is easily replaced in seconds without the need to break the motor’s seals. The magnetically operated VMF switch makes the pump usable for even smaller pits of 10-inch diameter.


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Main advantages of using the model


The Liberty 257 ensures effective application.

This model is the perfect choice for dewatering of your basement or for low-head effluent pumping. Its Vertical Magnetic Float (VMF) design makes it suitable for smaller pits. The motor-shaft threaded impeller is of specially engineered polymer and features pump out vanes on the back shroud that keep debris away from the area of the seal.


This sump pump ensures lasting use.

This is a freestanding unit built with cast iron support legs that ensure stability for lasting use. It has undergone ground continuity check, ensuring that current flows effortlessly from one point to another. In addition, it has also undergone high potential (HIPOT) or high voltage testing to ensure good isolation and that insulation is not marginal.


This sump pump is built with superior quality.

Manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility, this sump pump is equipped with a pressurized volute and motor housing that has been subjected to an air leak decay test to ensure integrity of the entire product and effective use. Replacement parts are easily available from the manufacturer of this compact unit.

1.3 Liberty Pumps 257 (alta chiar nu am gasit)


Owner feedback


Most users are amazed at how quiet this pump is that they even think it’s not running at all. This is a fantastic feature since users can enjoy peace of mind that the machine will kick in when needed while all they notice is the sound of the water shooting through the pipe.


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