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Review on Jecod/Jebao DCT


Model specifications


1.2 Jebao DCTGood flow rate

The DCT line can be purchased in various sizes, depending on the dimensions of your tank and the amount of water you need it to pump. The capacity of these models differs according to the one you will end up choosing. As such, the DCT-4000 is capable of discharging up to 1056 gallons per hour, whereas the most advanced alternative, the DCT-15000, comes with a maximum flow of 3962 gallons per hour.


Power consumption

In spite of this unit being a fully capable marine controllable pump, it doesn’t need all that much electricity in order to keep doing what it’s supposed to do. We couldn’t help noticing that the DCT-4000 consumes just 30 watts, whereas the DCT-6000 42 watts. What this means for the end-user is that he or she will not have to waste a lot of money on electricity bills. It goes without saying that an entirely capable water pump designed for large tanks can have a significant power consumption.


Energy efficiency

Aside from the rather low power consumption, you’re likely to enjoy using this water pump because it has been equipped with a cutting-edge motor that makes it possible for the unit to eliminate up to 50% of energy costs of most of its competitors. This is the better version of the older DC line manufactured by the same brand.


Buy from for ($105.83)




Main advantages of using the model


Quiet operation

Water pumps that have been constructed for marine use tend to make a lot of noise, and therefore, they manage to bother buyers quite a lot. Based on the ratings we have consulted when estimating the value of this option, it looks as if it is not unbearably loud. While various owners install their tanks in the basement or other rooms where they might go unnoticed, others may want to display them in their living rooms, which is why the fact that the Jecod/Jebao DCT is not a noisy product is a net advantage.


No copper parts

Copper makes it difficult for users to handle mishaps such as rust. Fortunately, most of the parts that have been used in the construction of this item have not been built using copper. If you decide to choose this model, you’ll notice that the vast majority of the components are made either with plastic or out of corrosion-resistant metal.


Impressive performance at a reasonable cost

It all depends on the flow rate that you will find fits your needs and preferences the best, but the fact of the matters is that the Jecod/Jebao DCT comes with a more than acceptable flow rate that allows you to take advantage of its capabilities as you should. Whether you intend to purchase this model from Amazon or any other online retailer, we’ve noticed that its price point varies from eighty dollars to one hundred and forty, depending on the capacity of your chosen unit.

1.1 Jebao DCT

Owner feedback


More than one hundred individuals have nothing but good things to say about this pump, which is why they’ve taken to the internet and have expressed their opinions using the Amazon rating system. While the installation of the product may be a nuisance for people who are not tech-savvy, in the end, even these will be able to set up the device correctly.


Buy from for ($105.83)




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