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Review on Hydromatic D-A1


Model specifications


1.1 Hydromatic D-A1The Hydromatic D-A1 provides versatile automatic operation that can be switched to manual at option.

Featuring the Hydromatic exclusive pressure diaphragm switch, this model features a piggyback plug-in style that enables the user to do hassle-free conversion to manual operation. Installation of this sump pump prevents damage that can be the result of flooding in the home. When flooding occurs due to heavy rains or other causes, this sump pump kicks in and automatically carries the water via a discharge pipe that channels the water to a dispersal device or storm drain. You can sleep soundly even when it’s pouring outside thanks to the automatic operation of this product.


This sump pump features high quality components.

Easily the best sump pump of 2018, this unit has a cast iron body that ensures more than enough mass to keep the unit stable at all times. The cast iron body ensures protection from disintegration due to rust that comes from continued exposure to water. The dielectric oil-filled motor ensures exceptional cooling properties for lasting life of the unit. The motor windings offer automatic thermal overload protection so the unit will work unfailingly no matter how demanding the application may be. The mechanical shaft seal has carbon/ceramic seal faces and anodized steel body for lasting use. The unit has a cast iron sleeve upper bearing and lower ball bearing for smooth operation. It has stainless steel fasteners and handle for durability.


The unit is outfitted with a strong motor for reliable performance.

The sump pump is equipped with a 0.3 horsepower motor that enables the unit to pump up to 48 gallons per minute, ensuring that water does not accumulate to incredible levels in your property. It has a 25-foot maximum dynamic head pressure, which is enough to lift water to a high level for easy removal from the designated space. The sump pump has a discharge diameter of 1.5 inches NPT to conform with a suitable PVC pipe for quick and efficient movement of water. The pump offers a strong 1550 RPM rating for dependable water removal. It offers a 38 gallons-per-minute flow at 38 feet.


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Main advantages of using the model


This sump pump offers versatile use.

The Hydromatic DA-1 is engineered to meet the demands of septic tank effluent and basement sump applications. It can be used with transfer tanks to move septic effluent and waste water. This sump pump can also be used in industrial circulators, light effluent transfer and sewage services.


This model is easy to set up.

Compact at just 7 by 9.4 by 7.9 inches, this sump pump has a compact footprint that makes it easy to install and with less cost at that. It is easy to put up in areas that flood easily. It has a full load amp draw of 8 amps for cost efficient use of electric power. It comes with a 10-foot cord for effortless power connection.


This sump pump offers a good solids handling size.

Able to handle a maximum ½-inch diameter solids, this model is equipped to worked to a maximum water temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit for problem-free use in the most demanding applications. The diaphragm pressure switch utilizes water pressure levels for the pump to kick in, activating when water rises in the pump and air gets released from the vent tube.

1.2 Hydromatic D-A1


Owner feedback


This is a solid sump pump made in the USA and comes with quality components. However, some users prefer to use it with a switch with no moving parts to ensure smooth operations. Fortunately, changing the switch will not affect the impressive performance of the sump pump.


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