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Review on Hagen Fluval Sea


Model specifications


1.2 Hagen Fluval Sea Sump PumpEnergy efficiency

Most water pumps tend to be a bit harsh on your electricity bills, and that’s understandable if you were to use the product for pumping water out of your basement. With aquarium pumps, though, things are different because they shouldn’t need a lot of power in order to do their job as they’re supposed to. In spite of the fact that the Hagen Fluval Sea is more than capable of removing up to nine hundred and fifty gallons per hour, it doesn’t consume loads and loads of juice, thus allowing you to take care of your marine environment without having to deal with extreme expenses.


Certified for Marine Use

As we were mentioning earlier on, it’s difficult for manufacturers of sump pumps to design their products so that they are tailored to the needs of the modern buyer. Luckily, you can rest assured that this one will never disappoint you in terms of performance and power consumption as it has been certified for marine use.


Cool temperature

It goes without saying that both the plants and the fish in your aquarium can suffer on account of the water being too hot. That’s why the people who created the Hagen Fluval Sea were quick to resolve this issue as they’ve designed the product in such a way that it never increases the temperature of the water so that it becomes uncomfortable for the species that may be residing in your tank.


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Main advantages of using the model


One of the quietest units out there

Based on the feedback that we have analyzed when trying to realize whether this unit is worth every penny or not, it appears that this model doesn’t make a lot of noise. On the one hand, extra noise is bothersome for the fish and it might be even more so for you and other people spending time in the room where the tank is placed. Some people actually appreciate the looks of a fish tank in their bedrooms, which is why it might be counterproductive to install a noisy pump in that room. The Hagen Fluval Sea is quiet and won’t bother you at all.


Reasonably priced

It goes without saying that purchasing a unit under three or even four hundred dollars is quite the adventure these days, when the market seems to be overflowing with high-end alternatives. We couldn’t help noticing that the Hagen Fluval Sea can be bought for as little as one hundred and fifty dollars and less, depending on the online retailer you will end up choosing. On Amazon, the model is reasonably priced and even more so for the number of capabilities it comes with.


Excellent performance

In the end, it all boils down to the amount of water that can be discharged with the help of a sump pump. It might be worth noting that the Hagen Fluval Sea is more than capable of keeping your tank safe at all times, what with it being able to remove up to nine hundred and fifty gallons per hour.

1.1 Hagen Fluval Sea Sump Pump


Owner feedback


Most of the folks who’ve taken the time to review this product say that it’s robust and quiet and very well-built. It seems to be able to last for many more years when compared to several competitors.


Buy from for ($220)




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