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Review on Flotec FPZS50T


Model specifications


1.1 Flotec FPZS50TRemarkable pumping capacity

The estimated number of gallons per hour for the Flotex FPZS50T is around 4,200. What this means is that this affordable alternative can do better compared to high-end solutions that might cost a pretty penny. What’s more, pumping water using this option can be done either manually or automatically.


Corrosion resistant casing

This model features a thermoplastic construction which means that it’s virtually impervious to corrosion and rust. The motor housing is made of zinc which is a mineral known for its ability to dissipate heat in a timely fashion so that the motor never becomes overheated.


Energy-efficient design

This 1/2HP sump pump can do what it’s supposed to do with as little to no effort on the part of the person installing or using it. What’s more, the model can even help you to save some power on account of its manual mode, where the user should use his or her own hands in order to operate the piggy-back style switch.


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Main advantages of using the model


Excellent value for the cost

The Flotec FPZS50T is probably the best product in the line considering that it costs less than two hundred dollars. Besides, a low price doesn’t mean low quality in this case, as the unit is entirely functional and perfectly capable of doing its job. Additionally, most of the people who’ve taken the time to review it claim that it offers unparalleled value for the price as it can be used for many years to come.


Durability and reliability into a single product

You have two options when it comes to operating the Flotec FPZS50T. Either you choose to pump the water using your hands and thus rely on your physical abilities or trust the machine and its automatic functions as they’ve been proven to eliminate water efficiently and thus allow its owners to enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep while it’s completing its task.


Efficient discharge

As previously discussed, this Flotec product is more than capable of discharging over 4,200 GPH at 0 feet. At 10 feet, the same unit is capable of pumping as much as 3,000 gallons per hour. The figure drops slightly when it comes to an inclination of 15 feet, where the discharge flow is estimated at 2,160 gallons per hour. The really neat thing about this option is that it can do all this and is very quiet when compared to other models in the same line. After all, there have been cases of babies waking up in the middle of the night because of the racket of a sump pump starting to operate.

1.2 Flotec FPZS50T


Owner feedback


Although there haven’t been as many Amazon people reviewing this product as there have been in other cases, we still want to emphasize that most of the ratings are positive. Many individuals have nothing but good things to say about the sump pump as it works exactly as expected.


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