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Review on Flotec FPSE2800A


Model specifications


Flow rate

One of the specs that might be of interest to you, as a sump pump prospective buyer, is that this particular model is more than capable of getting rid of as many as 3,600 gallons on an hourly basis. Although it is intended for use under circumstances that involve draining spaces where the water isn’t particularly clean, this sump pump is a submersible alternative that can be utilized for home basements, just as well.


Performance at its best

Another reason to consider this unit consists of the fact that it has been outfitted with a reliable ⅓ HP motor. What this means is that you can rest assured that the performance of the model will be on par regardless of how harsh the situation might be and whether or not your cellar will be prone to a natural disaster involving floodings.

The high-efficiency operation of the engine and the fact that it has been constructed in such a way so as to avoid overload are two other factors that you might have to give some thought to.


Durable construction

Sump pumps can be built with different materials whether they are cast iron, stainless steel, or thermoplastic. Of all these options, that which is commonly utilized is thermoplastic as it enables manufacturers to make their products budget-friendly. There are significant price differences between a cast iron and a thermoplastic option, although they might do the same thing and come with the same discharge capabilities.


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Main advantages of using the model


Reliability at its best

Whenever you’re starting to prospect the market for a new sump pump, you have to ask yourself what flow rate might be beneficial in your case. Some people live in areas which are prone to natural disasters whereas others have homes in states where there’s a minimum likelihood of that ever happening. The Flotec model can make sure that nothing goes wrong with your basement, fountains, pools, or any other places that you might have to drain. With its GPH capacity, this unit can get rid of as many as 3,600 gallons of water for every hour that goes by.


15-foot power cord

In case you weren’t aware of this particular detail, the use of extension cords is prohibited with such pumps as they can affect their functionality. Fortunately for you, you won’t have to go to extreme lengths to adjust the length of the power cable as this model comes with one that’s already long enough to be used conveniently.


Can handle ¾-inch solids

Dealing with a clogged sump pump can be a nuisance, and every user knows it. That’s why the Flotec FPSE2800A has been outfitted with a unique discharge that enables it to get rid of ¾-inch solids without encountering any issue at all. What this means is that you’ll be able to utilize it as a sewage pump, as well, as long as the water doesn’t have too large solids.


Owner feedback


Based on what we found about this unit, it appears that those who bought it are more than satisfied with the way it performs. Some owners even say that they have been using the model for the past five years and that it does a great job and is remarkably durable.


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