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Review on Flotec FPPM3600D-01/09


Model specifications


1.1 Flotec FPPM3600D-0109This is a specially designed pedestal sump pump that features a construction made of thermoplastic and cast iron. The neat thing about the pedestal development is that it involved the use of both rugged cast iron and stainless steel, which both contribute to the overall item durability. In fact, this kind of design allows users to install it hassle-free and in a timely fashion.

The model needs a 12-inch diameter sump in order to operate properly. Since this unit speaks to the needs of users with small-sized basements, it might be worth noting that it is capable of discharging over 3,500 GPH of water at zero lift and over 2,400 GPH at a 10-ft lift.

There’s a very high chance that the 3.5A electric motor in this pedestal sump pump never overheats, as it can work very well as long as the temperature is a minimum of 35F and a maximum of 77F. In fact, most basements won’t ever have temperatures over 77F, not even during the hottest seasons. What’s more, clogging is prevented thanks to a fine mesh that eliminates the debris in the water. Moreover, the model comes with a 1.25-inch NPT discharge outlet that works with virtually all types of standard size discharge plumbing.

This is one of the most reliable sump pumps money can buy, in spite of it being remarkably lightweight. It even features a metal float switch lever right at the top of the float shaft. It goes without saying that metal is always better than plastic, both in terms of durability over time and in terms of maneuverability. What’s more, the position of the lever makes it very easy to reach and even to replace in case something ever goes wrong and it is damaged.


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Main advantages of using the model


This is one of the best rated sump pumps we’ve come across during our entire research, and we’ve analyzed the features and reviews of thousands and thousands of models. It’s lightweight and economical, which is why it’s so acclaimed amongst people with small-sized basements. It’s both a great replacement sump pump and an exceptional new installation.

Another reason you might want to check out this unit is that it’s remarkably durable. On this account, there have been people who have reported that they have been using it for a little over thirteen years without encountering any problem whatsoever. It seems that the thermoplastic protection for the motor actually does its job.

In addition, the model is very easy to install and requires little to no help from a professional. For the money it can be bought for, it’s a miracle that it can eliminate such huge amounts of water.

1.2 Flotec FPPM3600D-0109


Owner feedback


The vast majority of the user reviews we’ve gone through are positive. However, there have been some people reporting minor issues. A number of these buyers have complained about the slight rattle that the machine makes when it’s being used continuously, because it seems that the metal supports and the metal float bar make a little noise. However, most users don’t seem to be that bothered by this detail.


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