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Review on Ebara Optima-3AS1 Pro-Drainer


Model specifications


1.1 EBARA OPTIMA-3AS1The Ebara Optima-3AS1 Pro-Drainer is manufactured using premium quality components.

This sump pump boasts a stainless steel casing, impeller, shaft, motor frame and fasteners that ensure durability and resistance to corrosion. The material on the upper segment of the double shaft seal is made of NBR fitted carbon/ceramic that can withstand tremendous heat during operation. The lower segment is made of FPM fitted silicon carbide that sustains high voltages, can operate at high temperatures, has high thermal conductivity and offers faster switching performance compared to other materials. The unit is equipped with sealed ball bearings that don’t need to be re-lubricated and provide no entry for contaminants.


This sump pump has a high quality motor.

This best sump pump of 2018 features an air-filled motor with Class F insulation, which enables it to operate at maximum temperatures of 122℉ or 50℃, and 140℉ or 60℃ on intermittent duty. The 2 pole motor can work at higher speeds, in this particular case, at a synchronous speed of 3600 RPM. The 115-volt single-phase motor comes with a continuous duty permanent split capacitor that can operate at high efficiencies, for reliable operations every time. The motor also has built-in thermal protection with auto-reset to ensure efficient applications and user safety. Offering ⅓ horsepower, the motor is continuous duty rated to provide peace of mind.


The motor cable and impeller on the pump makes it suitable for submersible pump applications.

The sump pump is outfitted with a cable with sufficient length of 20 feet to enable easy connection to a power outlet. The cable is equipped with a water-resistant UL/CSA approved #16 AWG cord that ensures safe use. The semi-open impeller design can easily be adjusted to stay close to the pump’s best efficiency and to safeguard from wear. The pump needs no disassembly for maintenance or adjustment. The semi-open design makes the impeller less likely to get clogged and enables effortless cleaning and inspection for wear when needed.


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Main advantages of using the model


This sump pump is effective for removing accumulated water in your basement.

Designed to pump dirty water out of your basement, this sump pump handles ⅜-inch spherical solids without sustaining damage during operation. This is a highly-usable device for people who live in areas that get easily flooded or are situated below the water table.


This sump pump operates efficiently even in the most difficult applications.

Using this pump remains problem-free no matter how demanding the application is. It is engineered to run smoothly even when fully or partially submerged, so the consumer can have peace of mind during heavy flooding that their property is protected. It is ideal for plenty of residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural liquid applications.


This model is versatile.

The EBARA sump pump can be used for seepage effluent and containment transfer to sewage systems. It pumps out waste water from wet bars, trays and washing machines. It can empty water storage structure, irrigation mound systems, decorative fountains and leach fields. The unit has a capacity of 88 gallons per minute and a head flow up to 62 feet for continuous operation.



Owner feedback


This model has gotten no negative reviews to date, proving that users are highly satisfied with its performance and specifications. Some models in the same range have been observed to be noisy but this particular model has not been proven to be the same. This sump pump installs easily and works as designed.


Buy from for ($163.6)




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