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Review on Basement Watchdog BW1050


Model specifications


1.3 Basement Watchdog BW1050Good flow rate

Sump pumps aren’t all the same. There are a lot of variations although they tend to be quite similar on some accounts. While the Basement Watchdog BW1050 doesn’t feature the greatest discharge rate of all models on the market today, it can still do a pretty good job at eliminating up to 2,820 gallons per hour. If you don’t live in an area that’s prone to natural hazards that may require you to choose a model of which the GPH is above 4,000, then this alternative is worth considering.


10-feet power cord

Few people know that extension cords should not be used with sump pumps as they won’t offer the same performance perks. That’s why the manufacturers of the BW1050 have included a 10-ft power cord that makes it possible for the end-user to utilize an outlet.


PSC motor that doesn’t disappoint

Th 1 HP motor engine that comes with the Basement Watchdog residential sump pump takes the cake when it comes to energy efficiency as it is considered, in itself, an investment that will protect you from paying for repairs around the house. Thanks to the engine, this model can run continuously without encountering any issue.


Buy from for ($120.93)




Main advantages of using the model


Affordability at its best

Few sump pumps can be purchased for less than two hundred dollars. Fortunately for a prospective buyer, this is the case with the BW1050, as it manages to contradict the golden rule according to which sump pumps are downright expensive. The price of the model depends on the GPH you will be choosing as some people may be tempted to go for the cost-effective alternative that can discharge up to 2,200 gallons per hour.


Will get the job done quickly and quietly

One other perk of utilizing this unit is that it won’t bother you while you take a nap or get some shuteye during the night. Plus, it’s not in the least noisy and can’t possibly wake up any baby. Some of the users who have reviewed the BW1050 say that the model is fully capable of doing its job with little to no interference on the part of the user.


Durability is at the core of the Basement Watchdog BW1050

Aside from the fact that the motor engine is dependable and strong, all of the materials employed in the build of this product have been tested and proven to extend the life of the product. Other than that, the manufacturers are backing the BW1050 up with a 3-year warranty which gives customers enough time for them to contact the brand’s support and resolve any problem.

1.1 Basement Watchdog BW1050


Owner feedback


Most of the people who have purchased this alternative have nothing but good things to say about it. While there have been several individuals who claim that the pump doesn’t seem all that well-made, most of the customer impact seems to be positive especially since the product offers tremendous value for the price.


Buy from for ($120.93)




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