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Review on Liberty Pumps 441


Model specifications


1.2 Liberty Pumps 441The Liberty Pumps 441 is a versatile battery backup emergency system that is specially designed to work when the primary pump can’t perform its job properly, either because it is suffering from some kind of malfunction or in the absence of electrical power. It should be noted that this is not a primary pump and should not be used as such, as the system can’t handle the high discharge of full-size systems.

Even if it is not built as a primary pump, the Liberty 441 still comes with an exclusive set of features that make it worth considering. For instance, since the materials used in its build are thermoplastic, the ensemble is corrosion resistant. What’s more, it does well when it comes to performance. For example, at zero feet, the backup pump can pump up to 2640 gallons per hour. The GPH number drops considerably when a height of fifteen feet is being used, as the unit is capable of discharging just around 1260 gallons per hour.

Unlike other products on the same line, it is worth considering that the Liberty 441 comes with a marine-type deep cycle battery Group M27. Neither GEL-type nor standard automotive batteries are recommended for this unit, as they may present some issues. On this account, the GEL-type might become overcharged as the charger provided in the pack of this pump has a high voltage. Automotive batteries will fail as well because they would probably offer power to the 441 for approximately one to two hours at a time.

The Liberty 441 is designed to work with a primary 120V sump pump. Users have two ways of installing the backup system. The simplest way is to set it up next to the primary pump. However, if the main pump is too large, owners do have the possibility to set the 441 above it as long as the discharge piping system is in line.


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Main advantages of using the model


The fine thing about this model is that it comes with virtually anything one might ever require. The pack contains the actual pump, a control panel, a battery box and a strap, a 12-volt charger, a check valve and bushings for installing the unit both with a 1 ¼ inch discharge pipe system and with a 1 ½ system. The battery is not part of the deal with this product, but there’s a broad array of alternatives that can be bought separately in many marketplaces we’ve found, including Amazon.

According to several people who have purchased it, the pump is worth considering by other prospective buyers, as it offers excellent value for the price. This emergency system usually costs less than five hundred dollars, regardless of the retailer you end up choosing.

Judging by the amount of appreciation it has gathered over time, this is the best battery backup sump pump money can buy nowadays.

1.1 Liberty Pumps 441


Owner feedback


Some of the owners have reported that the design of the product isn’t excellent in regards to the product’s actual appearance. The pump still manages to do its job even though it’s lightweight and made of plastic. Since even the people who have reported this detail aren’t dissatisfied with what they got, this factor doesn’t seem to be a deal-breaker.


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