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Review on Basepump RB750


Model specifications


1.1 Basepump RB 750Even with an electric sump pump basement flooding can still be an issue, especially if the power goes out. This sump pump is designed for dependability, and will quickly take over when water levels start to rise. It is completely separate from your main system, and since it is automatic you can rest assured water levels won’t rise even during heavy rainstorms and power outages. You will also appreciate how easy this water powered pump is to maintain since there are no batteries to charge or cords to plug into compatible outlets.

You will appreciate its durable construction that ensures a reliable performance, along with helping to extend the life of the sump pump. Since it is not installed in the sump pit the pump stays dry and clean without a lot of maintenance. It is constructed from sturdy PVC and polypropylene materials that are resistant to damage due to normal wear and tear. It also comes with stainless steel parts that won’t easily rust or corrode, which helps to ensure maximum pumping rates when you need it the most.

This sump pump is designed to be easy to install, and simply connects to your city water line. Since it is mounted horizontally on the ceiling you have the advantage of the pump being able to efficiently remove water from the base of the pit without any problems. It comes with a valve check system that prevents clogs that could interfere with the pump’s performance, and you also have the advantage of the hydraulic float which automatically opens the valve to allow water to be pumped out of the pit. As an added bonus this backup sump pump also comes with an alarm that will alert you if water levels start to rise.


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Main advantages of using the model


It is easy to see why this is often considered the best water powered sump pump. It comes with a durable PVC and stainless steel construction that is resistant to corrosion, and ensures a dependable performance when you need it the most. This water powered sump pump is also simple to install, and you will appreciate how easy it is to maintain.

The pump mounts on the ceiling and is powered by the home’s water flow, and since it does not have a battery or electric motor you don’t have to worry about maintaining a full charge or finding a compatible outlet. Its horizontal design also ensures maximum efficiency, and makes it easy for the pump to remove water from the bottom of the pit. Designed to automatically takeover for your main system, this backup sump pump might be exactly what you are looking for.

1.3 Basepump RB 750


Owner feedback


Some consumers have noted that the pump does require some time to warm up before it is working at maximum efficiency. This is actually normal for models that are water powered since it is necessary to remove all of the air from the pump before it can begin to evacuate water, and in most cases this only takes 60 seconds or less.


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