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Best Wayne sump pump


If you’re in a hurry and can’t take some time to go through in-depth reviews and useful buying advice, this short paragraph prepared by our research team should allow you to find the best sump pump from Wayne. Our research has involved reading consumer reviews, expert opinions, results of reliability tests and comparisons, and our conclusion is that the Wayne WSS30V is the one you should consider. This offer includes a main unit that’s powered by a ½ HP engine and a 120V battery that can help you sleep well at night as you’ll be able to rest assured that nothing will go wrong with the sump pump. With a water discharge capability that makes it possible for this option to get rid of 4200 gallons on an hourly basis at an incline of zero feet, it stands to reason that it should be at the top of your shopping list. Besides, this particular choice has received a lot of rave reviews. If the Wayne WSS30V Pre-Assembled Primary and Battery Backup is unavailable, the Wayne CDU980E is the next best alternative.



If you have spent some time researching sump pumps, in general, you might have noticed that some of the critically acclaimed manufacturing brands out there are Zoeller, Wayne, Flotec, and several other names that are less known. Wayne is, indeed, one of the most reliable companies in the industry, particularly as it has many representatives across the United States, which is why you’ll be able to get in touch with the customer service of the brand should you ever need to do so. If you’ve decided to buy one of the best Wayne sump pumps available for sale these days but you hardly know how to choose the right one, just read our buying guide.



How to choose a new sump pump from Wayne



What’s your purpose?


The first thing you have to do is determine your preferences and requirements. Some people might be looking for a sump pump to install in their cellar whereas others might benefit from using a utility model. Therefore, it is crucial for you to estimate your needs as this will allow you better reduce the number of models you have to consider.



Evaluating the performance of a sump pump


The higher the power, the better. While we won’t argue with this statement, sometimes it doesn’t all boil down to the capabilities of the motor with which the unit has been outfitted with. In this case, you must look at two factors. One of them is, indeed, the horsepower, but the other relates to the amount of water that such a machine can discharge either on a minute-by-minute basis or per every hour that goes by. While it is difficult to tell which model works for which person, our advice to you is to get the most powerful unit you can afford if you live in any area that might regularly be prone to water-related disasters.



Construction quality


Most pumps can be split up into two categories. There are some that feature parts made of stainless steel, cast iron, and virtually any type of metal that has been covered in a substance or has been proven to be corrosion-resistant; and then there are those kinds that are made of thermoplastic. While thermoplastic is undoubtedly better when compared to regular plastic, it’s still less durable than a cast iron model, and even more so in the long run.



Our recommendations



We’ve decided to take the hassle out of your buying journey and compile a list of the critically acclaimed models available on the market nowadays. All of the following suggestions have garnered the appreciation of US buyers, and that’s why we couldn’t help noticing that they’ve received some of the best Wayne sump pump reviews. If you have the time, check them out.



Wayne WSS30V


This particular unit seems to be the best choice for individuals who don’t want to worry about anything when they are not at home or when they’re resting at night. Unless you want to keep tabs on your sump pump all of the time, what you need is a model that includes a battery backup. This is the exact case with the WSS30V as it has been equipped both with a primary ½ HP unit and a 220V battery backup.

Based on the info that we have gathered about this model, it seems to be perfectly capable of getting rid of over 4,000 gallons per hour, which appears to be more than enough for most prospective buyers.

This GPH figure when the incline is higher, in that the WSS30V can get rid of 3300 gallons per hour at 5 feet and 2100 gallons per hour at 12 feet. The performance of the battery backup is a bit lower as it can discharge 2800 gallons at 5 feet.

The rugged construction of the machine is another detail to bear in mind as the primary unit has been built with cast iron whereas the battery backup is made of thermoplastic.


Buy from for ($345)





Wayne CDU980E


If power outages aren’t particularly common in the area you live, maybe you might be interested in the CDU980E. The first detail that makes the difference between the previously showcased option and this one consists of the fact that the CDU980E does not come with a battery backup. Therefore, it is mostly destined for people who hardly get any heavy rainfall in their region.

Despite being significantly more affordable than the formerly mentioned alternative, the CDU980E does not disappoint in any respect. On the one hand, it’s been equipped with a ¾ HP motor, which means that it’s entirely capable of doing what it is supposed to.

In addition to this, we’ve noticed that the flow rate of the unit is 4600 gallons per hour, which is downright impressive for such a budget-friendly choice. Of course, this figure drops slightly as the incline becomes higher, what with the CDU980E being capable of getting rid of just 3500 gallons per hour at 10 feet.

Featuring a cast iron base and a motor housing made of stainless steel, it goes without saying that none of the parts of this sump pump will become victims of corrosion. Plus, these two materials are known for being reasonably durable.


Buy from for ($151.93)





Wayne RPP50


Unlike some of the other models we have spoken about, the RPP50 is a sewage pump that has been highly spoken of for its rugged build and marvelous capabilities. Believe it or not, this choice can get rid of as many as 5700 gallons on an hourly basis, at an incline of 0 feet. Having been outfitted with a ½ HP motor, it stands to reason that you won’t have anything to worry about in terms of the performance of the model.

Another detail that sets it aside from the competition consists of the fact that it has been mostly built out of cast iron which virtually renders it indestructible. Whether you intend to install it in your cellar or use it for other applications of the same sort, the fact of the matter is that the RPP50 will never disappoint you with its features.

What’s more, this unit comes with a 2-in NPT discharge that enables it to handle solids measuring up to 2 inches. What this means for the end-user is that he or she will be able to rest assured that the sump pump won’t be clogged and start malfunctioning for this reason.


Buy from for ($139.99)





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