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Best utility pumps


If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers, but you do want to find the best utility pump for the money, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We’ve gone through many user reviews, checked the sales figures, and even estimated the value offered for the price of thousands of alternatives. Out of all the units we’ve considered, the one that is the best is the Little Giant 505176 as it features a rugged construction and is more than capable of doing what it’s supposed to do. This model has been specially designed for continuous use which is why it comes with a reasonable performance and as such, it can discharge up to 1,200 gallons per hour. Since it’s quite affordable, the model has garnered the appreciation of many owners over time. If the Little Giant is out of stock, you can consider the second best option, the Superior Pump 91570.


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How to choose a new utility pump


Unlike regular sump pumps, some of the best utility pumps are tailored to the multiple needs of the modern user. As such, you may use a model for removing water from window wells, rooftops, swimming pools, and even clogged sinks. If you’re feeling a bit baffled because of the huge variety of products that are available out there, we’re here to give you a hand. Just have a look at our comprehensive guide to select the right product for your preferences and needs.



Purpose and type


Some of the most common questions you ought to ask yourself when choosing a utility pump is what you plan to use the product for and the amount of water you need it to remove. The speed at which it can discharge the water is also somewhat important, as well as the price of the unit per se. Besides, you have to determine whether you prefer pedestal or submersible utility pumps, as both have advantages and disadvantages.





The three major factors to consider when getting a utility pump consist of the number of gallons per hour, the horsepower, as well as the top suction lift allowed by the item. Basically, you’ll have to look at whether or not the motor is powerful enough for what you have in mind. In addition, you ought to realize whether the number of gallons discharged for every hour of use is sufficient for you or not. The more, the better, in this case, as with a higher capacity comes a higher speed and you won’t have to worry about the pump ever being below par. The GPH changes along with the lift, so you have to pay attention to these kinds of details and determine whether the figure is enough for you as it significantly decreases at 10 feet, 20 feet, and others.





The pump material is what matters the most when it comes to estimating the durability and reliability of a unit. If you’re looking for a winner in terms of sturdiness, choose a model with a construction made of aluminum or steel. If your budget doesn’t seem to afford this, you may want to pick a thermoplastic utility pump. Regardless of your preference, you need to take into account the fact that going through the best utility pump reviews is the safest way of finding out whether the pump you’re buying will last you through the years.



Our recommendations



Little Giant 505176


1.Little Giant 505176The Little Giant model is among the most critically acclaimed ones out there, but that should not come as a surprise considering its specs.

This is a compact and rather lightweight utility pump that can be used for many commercial and industrial applications, depending on the user’s needs. For such a small machine, it’s downright remarkable that the 505176 comes with a ⅙ GP motor that makes it possible for the unit to discharge up to 1,200 gallons per hour at 1-feet.

This product is a submersible pump that needs to be plugged directly into the wall socket without buyers having to use an extension cord, especially since this practice is generally thought of as being dangerous.

Besides, this model comes with an 18-ft power cord that makes it possible for owners to avoid utilizing an extension cable altogether. The item is backed by a one-year warranty.

Buy from for ($111.66)




Superior Pump 91570


2.Superior Pump 91570As is the case with the previously mentioned alternative, the Superior Pump 91570 is a submersible option that’s capable of excellent performance.

The difference between the formerly described unit and this one is the fact that the Superior Pump 91570 features a construction made of thermoplastic, which is why this model is significantly cheaper when compared to others.

Aside from this detail, there’s nothing stopping you from prospecting the product, as this water pump comes with a ½ HP motor and has a maximum flow rate of 3,300 gallons per hour. At 10 feet, the discharge drops slightly, seeing how the model is capable of eliminating up to 2,520 gallons per hour.

Some of the most common applications for this unit include removing water from aquariums, flat roofs, boats, and even basements. Furthermore, all of the instructions provided by the manufacturing brand seem to be straightforward about installing and using the pump, as reported by many reviewers.

Buy from for ($85.55)




Humdox HY002901


3.Homdox Water Pump HP 2115GPHIf you can’t break your piggy bank to get a model that’s over one hundred dollars, perhaps you’d benefit from looking at the features offered by this one.

In spite of the fact that, based on our research, the Humdox can be bought for less than fifty dollars depending on the online retailer of your choice, the product has a performance that is actually rather impressive. This pump comes with a ½ HP motor with a maximum flow rate of 2,115 gallons per hour. The maximum lift allowed is 16 feet, which is more than the one of many other alternatives.

This option is a thermoplastic and metal pump that gets the job done when it comes to draining flooded cellars, garden ponds, and your swimming pool. Moreover, you needn’t worry about anything with regard to durability with this one, as it features thermal overload protection.

Unfortunately, the pump doesn’t go well together with any standard garden hose, and as such buyers have to purchase an adapter separately.

Buy from for ($69.99)




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