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Best swimming pool pump


As getting the best pump for swimming pools becomes more and more challenging every day, we’re here to help. Following a week of research, we have decided that the model you ought to consider is the Hayward SP2610X15. This unit is known for its performance and reliability, and the fact that it has been outfitted with a 1.5-horsepower motor should give you a pointer as to whether or not it is powerful. The model is equipped with a see-through strainer cover that enables you to find out when the basket has to be cleaned. What’s more, the pump can be installed conveniently and efficiently, thus allowing you to save some money you’d otherwise have to pay on getting a professional to do it. If the Hayward SP2610X15 is no longer available or doesn’t fit your budget, perhaps the Intex Krystal 28633EG might be a good alternative.


How to choose a new swimming pool pump


Selecting the best pool pump for your needs and expectations can require a whole lot of time and effort, as the market is overflowing with options, some of which are better than others. To help you make an informed decision, we have created a straightforward guide that should take you through all the aspects you need to take into account.



What are your pump requirements?


Just like not all pumps are made in the same way, not all pools have the same size and capacity. To make sure you are getting your money’s worth, we recommend measuring your pool depth and calculating your pool capacity. The latter differs largely in the case of circular, oval, and rectangular pools, so you need to do your research before making the right call.

The size and capacity of your pool will eventually determine what type of pump you need to be after. Read on to find out more about flow rate.



GPM, GPH, and flow rate


The flow rate of the product can be measured either in GPM or GPH. M stands for a minute, and H stands for hour, and so if you look at this figure, you will be able to find out just how much water can be processed by the pool on a minute-by-minute or hourly basis. Normally, the more gallons that can be evacuated, the better, but this is not a universal rule. If you have a small pool, you don’t need a pump with a superior flow rate.





It goes without saying that, as with any other appliance you may be interested in buying at some point in your life, the power of the pump matters a great deal. Fortunately, this detail is easier to tell compared to the flow rate and your pool and pump requirements as all manufacturing brands will specify the performance of their product.

A high-power choice will be able to process a higher amount of water in a shorter time span. Nonetheless, you have to ask yourself whether or not that’s what you and your pool need.



Ease of use and installation


Some swimming pool pump reviews recommend getting a model that can be set up by the consumers. While this aspect is a benefit, without a doubt, you also have to look at your expertise. If you’re not tech-savvy and you know it, perhaps it is a better idea to call a professional so that he or she knows what they’re doing when setting up your pump.

As for usability, some models are outfitted with handy features like a set of swing-away hand knobs that will allow you to remove the cover conveniently and efficiently.



Our recommendations



Hayward SP2610X15


As one of the top choices available for sale these days, the Hayward alternative offers plenty of value for every cent spent.

Granted, it might cost a pretty penny when compared to others, but it does what it is supposed to do and does it well. It’s available in a broad range of sizes and powers, but the consumers’ favorite seems to be the 1.5-HP one.

The model comes with a number of swing-away hand knobs that will enable you to remove the strainer cover with ease. You don’t need any extra tools or clamps to get this task done. Also, the strainer cover is see-through, which means that you will actually get to see when it is time for you to clean the basket that the pump comes with.

The debris basket that the Hayward is outfitted with is large enough to hold more leaves and debris than that which comes with some of its competitors.

Based on the user feedback and the information provided by the manufacturing brand, the SP2610X15 is relatively easy to install even by one who has little to no knowledge of technical things.

Buy from for ($389.99)




Intex Krystal 28633EG


If you have an above ground pool, the Intex Krystal is the model you should be after. It’s convenient and versatile and can be utilized effectively. Since it is a double insulated pump, no water will seep through its structure so as to affect the performance of the motor.

The unit is capable of processing about 2500 gallons per hour, so you have nothing to worry about in terms of reliability.

Other features that might present some interest to you range from the sediment flush valve that can be found at the bottom of the filter chamber to the air release valve that the unit is equipped with.

Something that should be added with regard to this choice is that it is a good fit for oval 18-ft by 10-ft pools. Unfortunately, it is not a good a good choice for other types of models.

Some of those who have purchased this product say that it is an economical pump that gets the job done as it is supposed to. It has a small motor, but the neat thing about it is that it always raises up to par when it comes to performing as good as possible.

Buy from for ($69.98)




Best Choice Products Pro SKY1638


With a filtration rate of 2400 gallons per hour, it goes without saying that this pump can do its job. The neat thing about this unit is that it can filter all above ground pools that have a capacity of up to 10,000 gallons.

The maximum sand capacity that this product can hold is 42 lbs, so it needs to be emptied once in a while depending on the debris it collects.

Besides, the model comes with a top mounted 6-position multiport valve that makes it possible for the pump to maintain its flow rate and performance even when the going gets tough. Thanks to the filter that it has been equipped with, this choice can maintain the sand surface level in a way so as to keep pumping and ensure optimum filtration.

In addition to all of this, the Best Choice Products Pro SKY1638 is one of the few pumps that we came across which meet ETL, UL, and CSA standards.

Therefore, you can rest assured that this alternative has been tested time and again so as to offer the right performance for your requirements. A similar 19-inch model whose flow rate is 4500 GPH is also available from the same manufacturing company.

Buy from for ($134.95)



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