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Best Superior Pump sump pump


Not many homeowners would care to read our buying guide about the best Superior Pump sump pump so we designed this short paragraph to provide concise information and be an easy read. To enable us to provide objective information, we evaluated some of the market’s popular offerings based on quality and value. Fortunately, out of those we have looked at, the Superior Pump 91250 has readily emerged as a class favorite because of its exceptionally efficient ¼ HP split capacitor motor that has a low amp draw. This is while being able to drive the sump pump with enough power to move 1,800 gallons per hour or 30 gallons a minute. It can keep up with the rising water levels and even comes with side and bottom intakes that ensure a clog-resilient suction. The 115-volt motor runs cool and delivers uninterrupted pumping capability through 25 feet of vertical height. If your search for the Superior Pump 91250 becomes fruitless because supplies easily run out, why not give the second best option, the Superior Pump 92250, a try?


How to choose a new sump pump from Superior Pump


Superior Pump is recognized for building top quality pumps. Having said that, we do not claim to be experts on the brand and their various product offerings. What we do know is that consumers ought to be prepared to compare different models for sale based on a number of factors. Some of those factors are expounded on below to help you get a suitable one for your needs.





You should seriously think about why you are searching for the best utility pump from Superior Pump in the first place. Do you want one to prevent water buildup inside your home or basement that may result from outside drainage problems? After making sure all your rain gutters and drains are working as they should, without any backing up or clogging, that is the only time to consider installing a sump pump.

A basement sump pump still makes a suitable option even though the source of flooding is from outside the house. Most times, a sump pump in the basement suffices instead of buying an exterior one. New homes are typically installed with one.

An outdoor sump pump not only prevents flooding of your backyard or front yard but is also effective at preventing the seepage of water into the house.

You can opt for either a submersible or a pedestal type. Although there are no palpable differences between the two, the maintenance and cleaning will be the deciding factor. In terms of easy reach, pedestal models are a better option. They are also more durable, more affordable, and easily repairable.

Submersible models have the advantage of quiet operations. In addition, they stay out of reach of curious kids.



Quality of craftsmanship


Fortunately, in this aspect, the best sump pump from Superior Pump is not deficient in any way. Superior Pump options are able to withstand the conditions in which they serve. Just to avoid getting a dud though, make sure to choose cast iron or thermoplastic housed models. The motor should be robust and boast the exact horsepower rating needed.

Check for protection from overloads or overheating. The pump should handle the problem at the source so it can readily prevent damage and repair costs.



Reliability of functionality


To differentiate between the different models in the Superior Pump reviews, simply check out the horsepower rating of each unit to make sure which one has enough for your needs. More importantly, look into how many gallons or liters each one can move every minute or hour. Check the vertical lift, which should never be zero. The higher this figure is, the better.

A high-capacity pumping action is delivered with a larger National Pipe Taper (NPT) discharge. Do take note of the size of the solid debris that can be pushed by the pump as well. This gives you an idea if the unit can handle the kind of silt that could be in the effluent.



Our recommendations



Superior Pump 91250


Equipped with a ¼-HP split capacitor motor, the Superior Pump 91250 ensures high efficiency with the motor’s low-amp draw and superb water moving capability.

The 10-foot grounded waterproof cord ensures the safe channeling of sustained power across the long distance from the mains to the unit.

Able to pump up to 30 gallons a minute or the equivalent of 1,800 gallons every hour, the device can handle the sudden rush of water into your property during torrential rains and nasty weather. The side and bottom intakes suck water while being resilient against clogging due to the debris.

You also have peace of mind that the 115-volt motor can provide cooler operations even during continuous duty. The pump lifts water over 25 feet of vertical height. Thanks to the 1.25-inch male iron pipe discharge thread, installation and setup are quick and hassle-free while allowing the free flow of effluent.

This model can drain standing water from a closed basin or pit and fits inside a 6-inch opening with ease. It is suitable for farm use, flooded basements, and general commercial and residential water moving purposes. You can opt to add a float switch to the unit as you choose.

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Superior Pump 92250


Geared with a ¼-HP motor, the Superior Pump 92250 handles your water transfer needs so you can protect your property from flooding during inclement weather conditions. This model moves water at 30 gallons per minute or 1,800 gallons an hour with sustained power delivered through the 10-foot cable connected to the mains.

Its corrosion-resistant construction enables the sump pump to withstand exposure to effluent and debris. It comes equipped with dependable heat dissipation and strength. The one-piece motor housing protects the critical working components.

Only the first gear is used for start up by the split-capacitor motor. Then it switches to second gear to ensure that continuous operations run efficiently. On the bottom of each motor plate, there are double seals that prevent the water from entering and damaging the motor. This ensures a longer life for the device as well.

Unlike ordinary seals, the shaft steel on this model is different. It boasts a heavy-duty stainless steel jacketed design that supports the demand for durability. This option is UL listed and safe. It is made from rust-resilient thermoplastic. The adjustable float switch turns the pump on and off automatically, giving you peace of mind.

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Superior Pump 92341


Engineered with a ⅓ HP motor, the Superior Pump 92341 offers convenient side discharge of the water that is moved. The vertical float switch turns the pump on automatically once a critical level is reached, ensuring that your property and home remain flood-free.

Able to move effluent at an efficient rate of 45 gallons a minute, the sump pump also boasts a solid cast iron construction that delivers the needed level of durability for years of use. Thanks to the 10-foot cord, easy connectivity to your mains is facilitated.

The one-piece housing will not allow effluent to get into the sensitive components of the device. The motor is sealed from water aside from being protected from overheating due to how the single-piece housing dissipates heat with increased efficiency.

Genuinely built to last, this sump pump features a split capacitor that is electronically controlled so the first gear is used for startup and then switches functionality over to the second gear for continuous running using less energy.

You will also appreciate the solid motor windings made out of 100 percent copper that enables them to conduct electricity in a more efficient manner. This ensures longer machine life.

Buy from for ($87.76)




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