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Best sump pump for outdoor use


If what you really want is to find the best sump pump for outdoor use without having to go over our buying guide and product descriptions, we hope this short but concise paragraph helps you adequately in that objective. We have also searched everywhere for a good product and based on value and quality, the Flotec FP0S3200A is a winning choice. Manufactured in the United States, this model handles 3,200 gallons per hour so collected water is easily pumped off from your property. The rugged plastic housing ensures enough durability for lasting use and can also withstand exposure to water. Outfitted with a ½ -HP motor, the unit comes with a standard 8-foot grounded power cord for easy placement outside. Because supplies of the Flotec FP0S3200A can easily run out, we don’t hesitate to recommend the second best option, the Superior Pump 91250.


How to choose a new sump pump for outdoor use


An external sump pump is a less costly alternative to keeping your property from flooding compared to grading the area to level it off and prevent flooding. Selecting the right model can be challenging though. You will have to keep the following aspects in mind when comparing the different options for sale.



Quality of build


You might score a good deal easily on a cheap outdoor sump pump. However, if you have to replace it after a single use because of lousy construction quality, you could merely be wasting good money. While the more expensive models use stainless steel in their housing, plastic or cast metal is common in most options.

One thing to bear in mind is to ensure the motor has adequate protection. This is considering how the submersible device is surrounded by the sump. You wouldn’t want the pump to conk out because it is soaked through.



Switch type


The pump switches on automatically when the sump water gets to a certain level thanks to the switch. Three types of switches are used in the products featured in outdoor sump pump reviews. Choosing the right type of switch has a huge impact on the life of the sump pump itself. You will want the switch to enable the pump to push out as much water as it can during operation.

The switch should also enable the pump to be off long enough so the unit can completely cool down, which ensures a long life. When selecting a switch type, take note of the size of the pit or sump basin. The switch should operate freely without hitting the wall of the pit or other obstruction in the basin that can get it stuck.

As water enters the pit, a tethered switch floats upward at an angle to turn the pump on. When the bulb is almost straight up, the pump switches on. It switches off when the bulb hangs almost straight down. This kind provides longer operating times as well as a longer rest time for the pump. However, you need a larger sump basin.

A vertical switch float moves up a straight rod as water gets into the basin to engage the pump. A switch at the top is activated to turn the pump on. The pump goes off when the rod is dragged down as the float moves to the bottom. This type doesn’t need a large sump pit because the floating action is vertical on a rod and not sideways. However, because of the narrow range of operation, the run times are inevitably longer. There is also less rest time or cool off periods.

The absence of moving parts is a top selling point of electronic switches. Nothing can get stuck because this type of switch typically utilizes a network of metal probes for water detection. When the On and the common probe get in contact with the water, the switch engages. When the Off probe is no longer in contact with the water, the pump disengages.

However, the probes could easily accumulate calcium, lime, and other forms of dirt due to contact with groundwater. This could desensitize the probes and disable them from ‘feeling’ the water and turning the pump on. This means periodic problem cleaning is needed.



Dependable performance


You can select from a variety of motor sizes ranging from 1/4HP, 1/3HP, 1/2HP, 3/4HP, and 1HP. That said, a more critical element is the number of gallons of water that can be handled or pushed out by the pump every hour. You also want to look at what height the pump can do that.

If a sump pump you intend to replace runs constantly no matter the time of year and weather condition, it might be time to get a more powerful one this time. In the same manner, should the sump be extremely deep or the basement ceiling be overly high (as this will be where ground water from the outside will seep through), you will need a pump with adequate power to push water up a tall discharge pipe.

Take note of the unit’s instructions and package information for its gallon-per-hour (GPH) capacity. If you are just replacing an existing good outdoor sump pump that has served long and well, just get a replacement with the same horsepower rating and type.



Our recommendations



Flotec FP0S3200A


You can’t go wrong if you choose the Flotec FP0S3200A before looking at any other ones in its class. This model is suitable for rough plumbing structures so you won’t need to do major construction in the area into which it is to be installed.

Manufactured in the USA, this product is engineered to deliver dependable protection and performance. This means your basement won’t get flooded during storms so you can have peace of mind even when the weather turns nasty.

Capable of pushing 3,200 gallons of sump water every hour, this model handles rising levels fast and with enough power. The float switch engages the pump at 14 inches. It switches off at 6 inches so the pump can cool down enough before the next cycle.

You will appreciate the rugged plastic housing that protects the critical components from the sump. The housing is resilient against rust so you wouldn’t have to worry about the unit wearing out too quickly.

The unit comes with the necessary pump accessories for out-of-the-box functionality. In addition to the pump, you also get a standard 8-foot grounded power cord, the automatic float, and a 1.25-inch discharge.

A ½-HP motor drives the pump to do its job unfailingly.

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Superior Pump 91250


With its tough thermoplastic construction, there’s no reason to doubt the Superior Pump 91250 for its capacity to move water from your property to keep it from flooding. Durable yet surprisingly compact, this rugged sump pump offers long-term use because of its corrosion-resilient design.

This is ideal for openings as small as 6 inches. You can obtain non-stop pumping because the bottom and sides of the device are built with water intakes, which also support clog-resistant suction.

Outfitted with a ¼ HP split capacitor motor, this submersible utility pump offers the high-efficiency elimination of water from your premises, keeping the indoors dry and safe from flooding. It has a low amp draw to help save on your utility bills. The 10-foot grounded waterproof power cord facilitates the connection to a power outlet.

Able to push up to 30 gallons every minute, this model offers a speedy removal of water to protect your property from damage due to rising floodwater. That’s a total of 1,800 gallons per hour. Clog-resistant suction is delivered through the side and bottom intake. The 115-volt motor ensures a cooler operation.

This option is engineered to drain standing or sump water from enclosed environments. It can be used on the farm, in flooded basements, and general commercial or home water transfer applications.

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XtremepowerUS X1048


Providing a water transfer capacity of 2,000 gallons per hour, the XtremepowerUS X1048 moves water out from your property in less time. Ideal for homeowners who reside in easily flooded regions, this sump pump ensures that your property and home do not get submerged in the rising floodwaters during severe storms.

This clean/dirty water submersible pump gives you peace of mind that your investment in your home and property will not go to waste because of damage from flooding. The plastic housing is suitable for the wet environment it will operate in.

The durable, oil-cooled electric motor offers a long life. It drives the pump to deliver an optimal water transfer capacity to move water up to 23 feet at a submersion depth of 16.5 feet.

This means water is kept out of your property and home so you can rest assured that everything you own will not get damaged when nasty weather hits.

You also get various fittings for the outflow. You won’t need to buy too many accessories just to ensure a proper installation. Compact at just 6 x 13 x 8 inches, the sump pump only weighs 4 pounds so you can easily store it when not in use.

Buy from for ($42.95)




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