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Best sump pump for crawl space


If you’re in a hurry and can’t take some time to go through in-depth reviews and useful buying advice, this short paragraph prepared by our research team should allow you to find the best sump pump for crawl space. Our research has involved reading consumer reviews, expert opinions, and results of reliability tests and comparisons. Our conclusion is that the Liberty Pumps CSP-457 is the one you should consider as it comes with everything you might require in order to install it efficiently. The kit consists of a ½-hp sump pump with VMF switch and a polyethylene sump pit complete with a cover. A 24-foot flexible hose is also part of the deal with this unit, and we all know how useful that can be as the use of extension cables is prohibited with such machines. If the Liberty Pumps CSP-457 is unavailable, the AY McDonald 6190-171 is the next best alternative.


Waterproofing your home or your cellar is never an easy feat, especially if you’re in the market for sump pump crawl space systems. You wouldn’t believe the number of homes in the United States of America that are affected by excess humidity every year, which in turn leads to mildew and mold in spaces hidden to the naked eye. If you want to protect the health of your family, check out our guide to choosing the right sump pump for your needs.



How to choose a new sump pump for crawl space



Performance is always something to consider


Since it is relatively difficult to make the difference between a unit that can ensure that you’re never left unprotected and one that you could just as well do without, we’re going to suggest you take the time to look at the power of the engine. Make sure to correlate the performance of the sump pump with the application and the water you risk getting in your area when floods occur.

For example, people who reside in regions where natural disasters are a constant threat might require a more powerful sump pump compared to those where such events rarely take place. Even the latter can benefit from using such a product, however, because you can’t ever be too sure, and getting your basement repaired costs a lot of money.



The flow rate matters even more


In the end, it all boils down to the amount of water that your chosen model can get rid of in a particular time span. Some manufacturers specify the flow rate per minute whereas others do the same per hour. To understand which is which, you’ll only need a bit of math and a calculator.

The bigger the flow rate figure, the better as you can rest assured that the unit won’t have too much trouble discharging the water and keeping your home protected.



Compatibility with the pit and basin


Basements and crawl spaces aren’t all made the same, which is why you have to make sure that the sump pump will make a good fit to your pit. Compatibility issues occur all the time, and since a sump pump crawl space cost isn’t particularly budget-friendly, you’d better pay a bit of attention before ordering the actual machine online.

If the configuration of your home somewhat resembles that of one of your neighbors, you might have to become fast friends so that he or she is able to give you some advice on the matter.



Our recommendations



Liberty Pumps CSP-457


This Liberty Pumps alternative might just as well be the best sump pump in crawl space under house, especially judging by the critical acclaim it has garnered over time. The model has been equipped with a reliable ½-HP motor that makes it possible for you to rest assured that nothing will go wrong in terms of performance.

What’s more, you’ll find that a 16.5 by 15-inch perforated sump pit with cover is part of the deal with this product, as is a 24-foot flexible polyethylene hose.

In case you weren’t aware of it, you might have to refrain from using extension cables with your sump pump as they can affect its functionality and even lead to the occurrence of irreparable damage.

The aluminum motor housing that protects the engine is a reassuring detail to bear in mind as this way, the unit will keep doing its job even when the going gets rough.

As for the flow rate, that of this model has been estimated at 51 gallons per minute. Something that needs to be noted is that this particular model is a good fit for pits that have a diameter of at least ten inches.


Buy from for ($298.9)





AY McDonald 6190-171


If you’re in the market for something that’s capable of more than enough performance, perhaps you should consider this AY McDonald option.

It’s been built for to ensure that withstands the test of time, which is why the first thing that you might notice about it is that it boasts a rugged construction.

This unit is a 3/10 HP cast iron sump pump complete with a vertical float switch. As with other models in the same line, the product comes with a poly basin equipped with a slotted cover. A hose adapter to which a stainless steel clamp has been attached is also part of the deal and can be found in the box.

To make sure that nothing ever goes wrong with the performance enabled by this alternative, the manufacturing brand has equipped it with a thermally protected motor.

Since the flow rate of any sump pump, whether it is for crawl space or not, should be considered before making a call, you might want to know that this particular one is capable of discharging as many as 46 gallons per minute. This flow rate is comparable to that of Zoeller and Wayne models that can’t be installed in crawl spaces.


Buy from for ($442.5)





Wayne EEAAUP250


If your budget is a limitation and you can’t spend more than two hundred dollars on a sump pump of this kind, perhaps you might want to consider this Wayne model.

It does what it’s supposed to do and has no issue with providing just the optimum performance that you might require. With the technology that it has been equipped with, the machine is capable of detecting the presence of water, thus being able to turn on automatically.

The flow rate of this unit is estimated at 3,000 gallons per hour and about 1,850 gallons per hour if the discharge lift is ten feet. This figure is reassuring, to say the least, especially given the automatic function of the alternative as it can be left unattended without you having to worry about any disasters happening at home while you’re out and about.

Given that it boasts a corrosion-resistant construction and that it has been made using thermoplastic, it goes without saying that this sump pump can withstand the test of time. It’s worth noting that this particular option can remove water down to ⅜-in of the surface.

Backed by a 1-year warranty, this model has owners raving about its capabilities, which is why it has acquired over two hundred favorable reviews on the websites of some online marketplaces.


Buy from for ($120)




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