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Best sump pump discharge hose


If time is of the essence, but you’re resolute on finding the best sump pump discharge hose kit, we believe we can help you. This paragraph should tell you what the most critically acclaimed models currently available for sale are, judging by the consumer reports they’ve gathered and what people are saying about them on specialized forums. After having gone through dozens of resources, we’ve concluded that the unit worthy of your attention is the Liberty Pumps DHK-24. On the one hand, it is made from polyethylene, which means that it has a good chance of lasting for a reasonable amount of time. Also, it fits 1-½-inch discharges, which are what many sump pumps are outfitted with nowadays. If the Liberty Pumps alternative isn’t available, we suggest going for the Red Lion RL-SPDK.


How to choose a new discharge hose for your sump pump


It’s one thing to get a new sump pump, but purchasing a discharge hose is something entirely different. If you aren’t particularly tech-savvy and have little to no experience when it comes to picking such parts and accessories, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider asking for the opinion of a professional.

Nonetheless, if you want to try your luck at getting a quality product and deal with the sump pump discharge hose installation all by yourself or with the help of a friend, we suggest reading the guide below.



Consider the construction


Hoses can be made of several materials, which is why selecting the right one for your requirements might be a tad baffling given the wide array of choices available for sale out there. Most of the options that we have encountered are made from polyethylene; however, there are some alternatives that can boast a design that does not allow you to move the hose.

Therefore, the core difference between one model and the next consists of the fact that with some, you can benefit from some freedom, whereas with others, you simply cannot. The durability of such a product can’t be determined only judging by the material it’s constructed of. Some can be used continuously while others should only be used on occasion or when there’s need for their services.



The length matters quite a bit


All of the best sump pump discharge hose reviews recommend considering your specific application before anything, and we couldn’t agree more. It goes without saying that the water needs to be discharged some place or the other, but you need to ask yourself where you intend to install your pump exactly so that the hose isn’t too short or too long.

Some say that bigger is better, but a too long discharge hose might cause more problems than help with anything. It would be a good idea to get a product that ideally matches the distance that the water needs to travel for.



How about compatibility?


Needless to say, in most cases, such hoses come with the rest of the installation kit, so you won’t have to worry about anything in terms of setup. As you know, these products aren’t made to be universal, so they fit certain types of discharges. In our experience, most residential sump pumps come with discharges measuring 1, 1-½, or 2 inches. Pick the right hose for the right kind of pump.



Our recommendations



Liberty Pumps DHK-24


Some people might say that it could be a good idea to choose a discharge hose from the same brand you’ve gotten the pump from, but we beg to differ. As long as you have the necessary connections provided in the kit and you know for sure that the dimension of the hose will fit your discharge perfectly, there’s no point in you searching for big brand products.

This one from Liberty Pumps fits both 1-¼-inch and 1-½-inch discharges, so you should give some thought to trying it out. It’s made out of polyethylene, so it will serve its purpose for a reasonable amount of time, without giving you any headaches.

The length of the hose is rather important, so you need to know that this one measures twenty-four feet. Judging by the critical acclaim that this product has gathered over time, it appears to do its job quite well. Some say that it works precisely as it has been advertised, while others speak highly of the customer support offered by the manufacturing company.

Besides, even though some consumers have expressed initial concerns as to whether or not the DHK-24 would have lasted, the soft polyethylene plastic it’s made from is quite resilient.  

Buy from for ($24.46)




Red Lion RL-SPDK


In some respects, this Red Lion alternative is similar to the Liberty Pumps one we have described in this selection. Its length measures twenty-four feet, so it speaks to the needs of individuals whose pumps are located at a distance from the spot where the water needs to be gotten rid of.

Also, the RL-SPDK fits discharges measuring both 1-¼ and 1-½ inches. The neat thing about this kit is that it offers quite a bit of value given that the package includes an ABS thread x barbed adapter, as well as a clamp made from galvanized steel.

What’s more, the product can be utilized under some emergency circumstances whereas other hoses that we have come across have to be installed and left to do their job without the user having the freedom to employ them for other purposes.

Considering the fact that the Red Lion RL-SPDK doesn’t cost a fortune, it won’t leave an eternal mark on your budget. As for the feedback acquired by this alternative, it appears that it provides good value for the money especially as it can be utilized for draining other spaces, not just users’ basements.

Buy from for ($20.63)




Wayne 56171


If your sump pump didn’t come with everything you needed right out of the box, the Wayne 56171 might be one product that you should consider. We do have to add something essential, however; namely the fact that this product fits discharges measuring just 1-¼ inches. The kit includes an adapter for this size specifically, so there’s no way around it. It won’t work with sump pumps that have been outfitted with discharges of 1-½ or 2 inches.

The tube is conveniently flexible, so you can adjust its shape depending on your application without having to worry about whether or not it will break. From what we have noticed, most of the consumers say that this is a quality hose that can be installed with ease.

Other owners speak highly of its flexibility. While there have been people who have utilized it as a garden hose, others have installed it for their sump pump applications and seem to be impressed with what it manages to do for them.

One common complaint of some buyers is that the hose seems rather flimsy. However, there haven’t been any concerns regarding its durability expressed at the time this article was published.

Buy from for ($21.47)




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