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Best sump pump consumer reports


If you’ve been meaning to get the best value sump pump, but you hardly have the time and availability to go through hundreds of reviews, reliability tests and comparisons, as well as expert opinions, this paragraph can help you. Based on the research that we have performed on the matter, it looks like the model you should give some thought to is the Zoeller 57-0001 as it is a high-capacity pump that can withstand the test of time and offer you the performance you might require. Besides, the model has been outfitted with a 1-½-inch NPT discharge that can allow it to pass solids that are up to ½ inches in diameter. The 0.3-horsepower motor can give you the reassurance you might need if you’re wondering as to whether the unit can serve you well or not. Should the Zoeller 57-0001 be unavailable, you might want to consider the Wayne CDU980E.



How to choose a new sump pump



Whether you plan to buy a sump pump and install it in your basement, crawl space, or any other place where its services might be required, the fact of the matter is that it may take you a lot of time to decide on a specific model. That’s because the market is overflowing with choices, and so it’s difficult to select the right one for your needs.

Luckily for you, we’ve come up with a short and comprehensive buyer’s guide that can take you through the critical factors you ought to keep in mind when you’re analyzing your options. Check it out below.



Flow rate


The GPH capacity is the first thing you should be on the lookout for when you’re trying to make the difference between one unit and the next. Just how much water will you be getting in your area? Do you live in a region that’s prone to natural water-related disasters? Or would you much rather get a utility pump that you can move from one spot to the other?

The fact is that the GPH or GPM capacity is a crucial consideration. Look at the amount of water that the model can get rid of on an hourly or minute-to-minute basis. Ask your neighbors to find out what kind of sump pumps they have, as well.



Pedestal or submersible


If you are looking for an alternative for your basement, you need to decide on the design. Submersible models are thought of as being more dependable than pedestal options, but they are out of reach, and so servicing, and maintenance might be a nuisance. Also, in order for them to be installed, you’ll have to get rid of some of the concrete in your cellar.

Pedestal units are reasonably durable and can get the job done as they should. They are also more affordable than their submersible counterparts, so they inevitably address the needs of people who are on a budget and who can’t afford to spend too much money on such a machine.



Performance and construction


Aside from the flow rate and design, you’ll also have to see what the sump pump has been made out of and which motor it has been outfitted with. Usually, there’s a clear correlation between the water that can be discharged in a certain time span and the horsepower of the engine.

As for the construction, you’re always better off with a stainless steel or cast iron pump, although thermoplastic options are also worth taking into account. Many manufacturers reinforce their thermoplastic models so as to make them submersible. Read some of the best sump pump consumer reports to find out if the choice you’re considering is worth the effort and the money.



Our recommendations



Zoeller 57-0001


While it might not be the most affordable alternative available for sale these days, this Zoeller unit is definitely worth considering.

It comes with a 0.3-HP motor that’s perfectly capable of handling demanding situations. Besides, it’s worth noting that the 57-0001 comes equipped with a 1-½-inch NPT discharge that enables the pump to allow access to solids measuring ½ inches.

All of the components in this sump pump have been designed so as to offer you the benefit of resilience. None of them will fall victims to corrosion, especially as the screws and other apparently flimsy parts have been made out of stainless steel.

Something that needs to be added in regards to this alternative is that it boasts a watertight neoprene square ring that has been installed between the housing and the motor. This way, there’s virtually no chance of the engine ever suffering from a leakage of water.

The flow rate ensured by this alternative is estimated at over two thousand gallons per hour at an incline of ten feet. Thus, it’s easy to see that the Zoeller unit is more than capable of doing what it is supposed to.

Buy from for ($177)




Wayne CDU980E


If what you’re in the market for is a submersible sump pump that fits the bill quite nicely, maybe you ought to take the time to look at the specs of this Wayne model.

On the one hand, it’s been designed by one of the world-known manufacturers in the industry. Secondly, everything about this unit renders it convenient and durable, whether you look at the cast iron construction or the fact that some components have been made out of stainless steel.

Based on the info that we have gathered about this choice, it seems that it is more than capable of discharging up to 4600 gallons per hour at an incline of zero feet and up to 3500 gallons per hour at a discharge lift of ten feet. The ¾-HP motor does its job every time, with no exception.

Something other that needs to be emphasized about the CDU980 is that it has been assembled in the United States.

Since this is an American company we’re discussing, you won’t have any trouble getting in touch with customer support and asking for all the advice you might require, be it in relation to the installation process or any mishap that might have occurred.

Buy from for ($151.93)




Superior Pump 91255


Last, but not least, the 91255 from Superior Pump deserves a bit of attention despite the fact that it has been made out of thermoplastic.

However, for people looking for a bargain or those who are unwilling to spend more than one hundred dollars on such a machine, this model can prove to be a fortuitous discovery.

There are three alternatives you can give some thought to if you decide to choose a sump pump from this brand.

You can either pick the one that has been equipped with a ¼-HP motor, the other that comes with a ⅕-HP engine, or the last, which has been outfitted with a ⅓-HP motor. It goes without saying that the flow rate and performance of each are different.

For example, the ¼-HP one can get rid of as many as 30 gallons per minute, which means that it can discharge up to 900 gallons for every hour that goes by.

Surely, this capacity is lower when compared to that of the models we’ve talked about prior to this one. Nonetheless, it is an affordable unit to keep in mind, and it does perform quite well under harsh circumstances.

Buy from for ($55.59)




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