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Best Red Lion sump pump


If you’re too short on time to go through a large number of red lion sump pump reviews but still want a couple of suggestions for some good performing ones from the company’s catalog, then the following short paragraph should have you covered. The Red Lion RL-SC50T proved very popular with customers because of its high performance and durability. It can move up to 4300 gallons of water per hour, with an energy efficient ½ HP motor. The whole thing is housed in a solid-looking cast-iron frame to ensure both durability and corrosion resistance. For an extra couple of dollars, the RL-SC50V version will offer you a different auto-switch system.


How to choose a new sump pump from Red Lion


The best sump pump from Red Lion will always be the one that suits your own needs the best. So always weigh in how much power and what functions you really need and be prepared to spend or save accordingly. With this in mind, some of the things to look for when browsing through what’s available for sale are detailed below.





Horsepower is commonly used to denote the strength of a sump pump’s electric motor. Most models you’ll encounter on the market will deliver either ⅙ HP, ¼ HP or ½ HP, with some rarer ones going higher than that, to ¾ HP or even one full unit.

This directly affects how fast the pump will do its job and is expressed in gallons of water moved per hour or minute (GPH/GPM). GPH is also determined by the height at which the point of discharge is placed, with the value going down the taller the pipe sits in relation to the sump.

Heaving more power is usually preferable, especially as this also works to slightly increase the life of the motor, but the price of the unit will go exponentially with the HP increase.





There are two parameters to consider in regards to how well the frame will handle, corrosion and impact resistance. If you’re looking for the best Red Lion sump pump to use submerged, then resistance to corrosion will take precedence.

This is achieved by using materials that aren’t prone to rust, such as stainless steel, various metal alloys, polycarbonates and assorted plastics, but these aren’t generally as tough when subjected to mechanical forces as cast-bronze and cast-iron, which can be coated in various epoxy resins to give them good water resistance.  



Other features to have in mind


It is highly recommended for a good sump pump to have an automatic switch. Regardless of the system used — either float, diaphragm or a mercury-based one — they work equally well and will remove the worry of your basement getting flooded when you’re away on a weekend or asleep.

Sump pumps should never be used with electric cable extensions, so the length of the power cord the unit comes with can prove an important factor to consider.

There are also auxiliary powered models that come with their own battery to work during shutdowns and double-pumps which can work efficiently in both high and low demand situations.  



Our Recommendations



Red Lion RL-SC50T


This unit offers everything you will need for high-volume water removal, and it’s versatile enough to tackle smaller jobs thanks to its automatic on and off switch. Besides turning it on when the area it’s in starts filling with water, this will also shut it down once the level decreases ensuring that the motor won’t be put through unnecessary strain.

It is equipped with a powerful, ½ HP electric unit that can displace as much as 4,300 gallons of water in one hour ensuring both that the basement will be fast to clear and also that it won’t have to work for longer than it should, reducing its lifespan.   

A thing that a lot of commenters noticed about the motor is how quietly it runs compared to other similar models, a feature you will surely be thankful for once it kicks in during late night hours.

The construction is sturdy and should hold well to corrosion, as it is watertight and made the casing is made out of cast-iron, specially treated to resist water damage.

Buy from for ($143.91)




Red Lion RL-SC50V


While the T version has a tethered float connected to its switch, this one uses a metal variety, in a system commonly referred to as a vertical cord switch. Whichever you prefer, the switches on both units are easily replaceable in case of a malfunction.

This feature shouldn’t really be underestimated, since it’s always a pain to fork close to 150$ for a whole new unit, with motor, casing, shaft and all, when all that’s broken is a switch. In fact, some people admit to having bought an RL-SC50 specifically because of this.  

The most common praise still refers to the remarkably low noise level it operates under, with the same ½ HP, power-efficient motor as the T, and assumingly the same effective water and noise insulation.  

A quiet running doesn’t mean it won’t do its job, of course, as it can displace 4,300 lb/h, enough to keep a basement empty through a tropical storm.

As with the other model, the 10 feet power cable won’t give you the greatest reach, but this will only be an issue in the unlikely scenario when the space around the plug is to constricted to allow it be placed there.

Buy from for ($139.05)




Red Lion RL-SC33DUP


This double unit might put you behind a few bucks, but it will surely deliver when you need it. It consists of two submersible sub pumps that come connected to the same piping, so it will be as easy to install as a regular unit.

Either one of the two motors develops a third of a horsepower, for a total of ⅔ HP with both of them on. This gives some impressive figures: 6,000 GPH at for a ground level discharge; 5,400 GPH at 5 feet; 4,425 at 10 feet and 3,355 at 15.

They might not equal the output of two separate ½ HP units, but since few of us can afford the hassle of doubling down on the required plumbing as well, this will make for a preferable solution, especially as the two pumps can also operate independently, for when their combined power isn’t required.

This solution also gives you a number of additional power options, since one of the units can be adapted to feed from a battery for when the electrical grid is out.


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