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Best Little Giant sump pump


If you’re in a hurry and can’t take some time to go through in-depth reviews and useful buying advice, this short paragraph prepared by our research team should allow you to find the best Little Giant sump pump that’s right for your needs. Our research has involved reading consumer reviews, expert opinions, results of reliability tests and comparisons, and our conclusion is that the Little Giant 506160 6-CIA-ML is the one you should consider. Despite being one of the most budget-friendly choices in the line, this model does precisely what it has been designed to do especially as most of the people who have purchased it say just this. It’s been outfitted with a ⅓-HP motor that makes it possible for the sump pump to do its job even under harsh circumstances. Besides, the 1-½-inch discharge makes it possible for small solids to pass through the plumbing without the unit getting clogged. If the Little Giant 506160 6-CIA-ML is unavailable, the Little Giant 6-CIA is the next best alternative.


How to choose a new sump pump from Little Giant


A sump pump might mean the world for a homeowner, especially if there’s any chance of a natural disaster affecting the area where you live. Whether you prefer the pedestal or the submersible design, we’re here to give you a hand with selecting the right model. If you’re determined to get a model from Little Giant, you’ve made a great decision as this company is among the most reputable manufacturers in the industry.

To find out more about how to select the best sump pump from Little Giant, just read our comprehensive buyer’s guide.





The first thing that you have to give some thought to is the application that you will be using your sump pump for. Some prospective buyers might strictly be interested in installing the unit in their basement and then forgetting all about it. On the other hand, some other homeowners might prefer the services offered by a utility sump pump.

The core difference between one and the other is that, while a utility pump can be moved around so that you utilize it wherever you might need it, a submersible or pedestal model needs to be installed in your basement forever.

There aren’t any significant differences in terms of performance and quality of construction if you’re trying to decide between a pedestal and a submersible model. Nonetheless, cleaning and maintenance should be addressed before making your final choice, and that’s because pedestal units are easier to reach compared to their submersible counterparts.  

Although pedestal alternatives are cheaper, more durable, and easier to repair, many people still choose submersible options because they’re capable of operating quietly. Plus, the motor is out of the reach of children which matters if your kids have a curious nature on account of which they might endanger themselves.



Construction quality


It’s rather difficult to tell whether the model you intend to spend your pennies on will withstand the test of time or not. The safest way of choosing wisely is to stick to a unit that’s made of cast iron or as many stainless steel components as possible. The next best thing would be a sump pump made of thermoplastic.

Regardless of this detail, you simply must know that the motor that the unit has been outfitted with has been encased in a protective component that can allow it to keep functioning properly. What this means is that this case should be thermoresistant so as to prevent the engine from overheating. Also, its structure should be indestructible so that no water comes in contact with the motor components.





Estimating the performance that a sump pump is capable of offering you is somewhat easier, in that you’ll have to look at the actual horsepower of the engine and the number of gallons that the unit can get rid of on a minute-to-minute or hour-to-hour basis.

A rather important factor that you need to take into account is that most sump pumps need to be installed at a lift of over 10 feet, which means that the GPH figure for an incline of 0 feet might be irrelevant. Look for a table made available by the manufacturing brand to find out all there’s to know about the GPH and how low it can get as the lift gets higher.



Our recommendations



Little Giant 506160 6-CIA-ML


This model should be one of the first units you ought to consider if you’re in the market for an entirely dependable sump pump that gets the job done and doesn’t disappoint you with its performance. In spite of its unique and user-friendly features, we’ve found this model to be one of the most reasonably priced ones out there. In fact, many online retailers sell it for less than two hundred and fifty dollars.

Given that it has been equipped with a ⅓-HP motor, it goes without saying that the 506160 is perfectly capable of doing what it’s supposed to. The neat thing about this submersible sump pump is that it’s intended for continuous duty, which practically means that it will protect you at all times.

The 1-½-inch discharge makes it possible for small solids to pass through the plumbing without any risk of creating any clogging situation. The engine has been enclosed in a cast iron motor housing that has been filled with oil so as to ensure that the lubrication remains at a good level all throughout the life of the sump pump.

Considering that most of the people who have chosen this alternative seem to have only good things to say about the way it manages to serve them, it’s rather obvious that it has garnered some of the best sump pumps from Little Giant reviews.



This model comes equipped with a ⅓-HP motor so there’s no need to worry about performance.

As the unit has been designed to provide continuous service, you can rest assured that nothing will go wrong if you choose the 506160.

The flow rate of this model is estimated at forty-six gallons per minute.

Above all, this alternative is versatile as it can be installed in various places and can be utilized for anything ranging from your basement to your shower or sink.

Some buyers have reported that they have been using this sump pump for over three years now without having encountered any issue.



Several owners say that they have had to replace the pressure switch. Others claim that they’ve had to go down to the local plumbing supply store and purchase a six-dollar check valve.

The filter needs to be washed thoroughly every several months.


Buy from for ($138.98)





Little Giant 6-CIA


In some respects, this model is similar to the one we have talked about earlier on. However, we have noticed that there are several differences that can impact the overall user’s experience, in that this particular model features an epoxy coated cast iron housing as well as upper and lower sintered sleeve bearings.

Other than these details, the discharge capacity of the two alternatives is virtually the same as both this unit and the one we have showcased above can get rid of as many as forty-six gallons on a minute-to-minute basis. For every hour that goes by, this sump pump is capable of discharging as many as 2,760 gallons at an incline of zero feet.

The neat thing about the Little Giant 6-CIA is that it has been engineered in such a way so as to turn itself on automatically when the water level reaches a minimum of 7 inches in height. Once the water level has come to a height between 1 and 4 inches, the sump pump will automatically turn itself off.

Since the power cord measures 8 feet, you won’t have to bother with using protected extension cables. From what we’ve seen, most of the individuals who have expressed their opinions regarding the performance of the 6-CIA say that it does the job and is rather long lasting.



This model seems to have been designed with the requirements of modern users in mind as it comes equipped with a reliable ½-HP shaded pole motor that boasts overload protection.

The unit is more than capable of discharging forty-six gallons for every minute that goes by. On an hourly basis, that means about two thousand seven hundred gallons.

It’s also worth noting that the 6-CIA comes with a cast iron housing, so it’s safe to say that it is reasonably durable.

The length of the power cord that the 6-CIA comes with is eight feet, which means that you won’t have to perform all sorts of tricks to ensure that the outlet is in the proximity of your sump pump.



A couple of buyers report that this sump pump might be a bit too noisy for their liking, so it may not be recommended for people who have little children.


Buy from for ($138.99)





Little Giant 505005


Unlike the other models we’ve described above, this one is a utility submersible sump pump. What this means is that you will be able to get the most of it by utilizing it wherever you might require its services. Whether you intend to get rid of some water in a pool, basin, or a pond near your home or you want to drain the water that has accumulated in your basement, the 505005 will always be a friend in need.

Because this unit is a utility pump, it has a lower discharge capability when compared to the one offered by the previously mentioned alternatives. As such, you might have to mull over the fact that this unit can remove only 18.3 gallons per minute.

Nonetheless, if you do not require a product with extreme performance, there’s a high chance that this one is the perfect model for you.

Plus, a removable inlet screen is part of the deal, and a garden hose adapter can be found in the box, as well. The ⅙-HP motor is reasonably powerful and can allow you to rest assured that this unit will be able to do its job for a good amount of time.



This portable utility sump pump can be utilized for various purposes such as getting rid of water from ponds, pools, and various basins that might exist in the proximity of your home.

The model will do an efficient job of discharging up to and even more than eighteen gallons for every minute that goes by.

The ⅙-HP engine will provide the reliability you might require under certain circumstances.

Both a removable inlet screen and a garden hose adapter are included in the deal.

Most of the feedback that this unit has received over time is favorable, so you might want to consider it if you’re looking for a model that’s capable of offering more than enough value for the money.



It’s not the most affordable utility pump available for sale these days.

As is the case with other products in this line, it appears that this alternative might make a bit of noise.


Buy from for ($104.99)




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