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Best Liberty Pumps sump pump


If you are searching for the best Liberty Pumps sump pump, but you have little to no time to Sherlock your way through all the info the net has to offer on the subject, we are here to lend you a helping hand. After carefully considering the models out there and after reading a handful of Liberty Pumps reviews, for sale sections, we have reached the conclusion that the Liberty Pumps 237 Submersible might be the model you’ve been looking for. With 1/3 HP and a maximum discharge head of 21-Foot, this model can certainly do its job. Also, the model’s motor is said to reduce the electrical usage. If the Liberty Pumps 237 Submersible is out of stock, check out the Liberty Pumps 257 Submersible.


How to choose a new sump pump from Liberty Pumps


If you find yourself in need of a brand new good sump pump, there are a few technical difficulties that are prone to make the selection process a bit difficult, especially if you are new to the field. Because we know this very well, we have decided to help you out. Consequently, we have put together a list of must-have features that you should not settle without in a product of this kind.



Automatic vs. manual operation


When in the market for the best sump pump from Liberty Pumps one might find himself/herself in need to decide between a manually operated unit and an automatic one.

From our perspective, although a bit more expensive, choosing an automatic unit is best. This has to do with the fact that, you might find yourself in the circumstance when you don’t have the means to oversee the operation of the device at all time. At this point, having a switch that can actively turn off the unit when a certain water level has been reached is a practical feature.





Another equally important element that has to be taken into consideration is the product’s power. It is well known that the average sump pump has 1/3 HP. Still, if you feel like you need an extra boost, it is advisable that you purchase a 1/2 HP unit.

However, before placing any orders, be sure to check the online reviews of the chosen model.



Flow rate


What is more, all those interested in a new sump pump should take the time to consider the product’s flow rate. This feature is a reflection of the device’s ability to move a certain amount of water in a given amount of time.

Usually, the best models sold by this manufacturer have a flow rate that varies from 37 to 67 gallons per minute.



Effluent pumps


Lastly, if you intend to purchase a device that can efficiently move sewage from a septic tank, we suggest you settle for an effluent pump. Differently from regular models, these units can handle both water and sewage outflows, a reason why they are qualified for the job. From this point of view, selecting a model that has been specially designed for this task is the best option.

Still, if you only want a product that can move small debris such as leaves, it is better to stick to the classical model that can handle solids that measure up to ½ of an inch.



Our recommendations



Liberty Pumps 237 Submersible


Very well regarded by previous buyers, the Liberty Pumps 237 Submersible is a model that is worth considering before making any choices. This dependable unit has a handful of features that make it stand out from alternative products.

For instance, the device can handle 3/8-inch solids, reason why you can use it to clear the water from places where debris has also accumulated.

What is more, this unit is considered quite powerful due to the fact that it can pump out 37 gallons of water in one minute. Also, the model has a discharge head of 5-foot. However, according to the manufacturer, the maximum discharge head of the unit is of 21-foot.

Moreover, this product comes outfitted with a special motor that is said to actually reduce the quantity of electrical energy needed by the model to run to up to 40%. Yet, the most appreciated feature of this product is its magnetically operated VMF switch that makes it operable in smaller pits down to a 10-inch diameter.

Lastly, current users were happy with the fact that this model is quite silent when operating; the reason why you can use it without worrying that you’ll upset your neighbors.

Buy from for ($137.2)




Liberty Pumps 257 Submersible


A little bit heavier than the previous model, the Liberty Pumps 257 Submersible is another unit that is worth your consideration.

As the manufacturer states, this product is a dependable heavy duty model that is made out of sturdy, reliable materials. In fact, the model was designed to have a one-piece cast iron body that ensures that all the pieces of the device are well protected from exterior factors.

Likewise, this model’s motor was also designed to reduce the electric usage. What is more, it is worth knowing that the motor that this product comes fitted with is thermally protected and constantly lubricated. Therefore, by settling for this model, you’ll end up with a smooth working device that won’t need any type of revision anytime soon.

Additionally, the 257 unit has a 1-1/2″ NPT discharge and can handle solids of up to ½ inches. Moreover, this product is being advertised as an effluent pump.

All potential buyers should also know that this pump operates vertically by using a float VMF switch and 10ft power cord. Moreover, because this is an automatic model, the device has an unadjustable 7’ turn-on level and a turn-off level that is 3-1/2″.

Buy from for ($136.85)




Liberty Pumps 287


If you want a quality, reliable model and you are not afraid to invest a few extra dollars in order to get it, we suggest you check out the Liberty Pumps 287. Capable of pumping up to 67 gallons of water per minute, this model is both powerful and dependable.

According to its manufacturer, one particular aspect that should catch your eye is the fact that this model features a quick-disconnect 10-foot standard power cord that allows users to replace the product’s cord in seconds without breaking seals to the motor.

Besides, similarly to the previously mentioned models, this pump comes equipped with an efficient motor that cuts down the use of electricity to up to 40%.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that this device is quite versatile, because it is capable of handling a wide-range of low-head to mid-range pump applications. As a matter of fact, the pump was designed to work with STEP systems, mound systems, liquid waste transfer and high output sump applications. Thus no matter the job, this model is ready to perform to the highest of standards.

Last but not least, the 287 is constructed from high-quality materials that ensure its durability and overall great performance.

Buy from for ($236.98)




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