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Best above ground pool pump and filter


Getting the right above ground pool pump these days can be a daunting task, what with the market offering many choices that you should consider. Following an extensive research process where we’ve analyzed hundreds of reviews, sales figures, and looked at experts’ reports, we came to the conclusion that the model you ought to consider is the Hayward S180T92S. This unit is available in three sizes; 16-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch. As it has been outfitted with a 1-HP motor, this model can get the job done in a timely fashion. It comes with a self-cleaning underdrain that can make your life a lot easier and comes with plenty of useful features ranging from a 7-way multi-port valve to an integral top diffuser. In case the Hayward S180T92S is no longer in stock, be sure to check out the next best alternative, the Intex Krystal 28679EG.  


How to choose a new above ground pool pump and filter


Whether you’re looking for the best pool cover pump or a quality above ground pool pump that lasts a lifetime, you’ve come to the right place. To help you make up your mind about what features matter most when it comes to making your final decision, we’ve put together a comprehensive buyer’s guide packed with all of the essential aspects you should consider. Check it out below.



Bigger isn’t necessarily better


Most above ground pools are either oval or circular, but the shape matters less when compared to their capacity. You need to make sure that you are getting the right pump model for your pump, which is to say that its flow rate and performance have to match the requirements of your pool.

Many people tend to think that bigger is always better, but the fact is that in the case of these specific pumps, they need to be matched to your pool as precisely as possible. Measure out your pool or find out its capacity from the instructions provided by the manufacturer or the person who has installed it.

For 24-foot round pools, you need a 1-HP pool while for those measuring more than 24 feet, you need a 1.5-HP pump.



Performance and flow rate


It goes without saying that one of your main concerns is whether the product will be capable of doing its job properly. To ensure that this happens, look at the motor horsepower as it can be a good pointer when it comes to estimating the performance of the model you are eyeing.

Also, consider the flow rate, which is expressed in GPM or GPH depending on the manufacturing company. What this means is that you will be able to find out just how many gallons per minute or hour the pump is able to process.



Ease of use and reach


Once in a while, you need to clean your pump or just make sure that everything is on par. It would be easier for you to do this if it came with some handy features. Also, always look for pumps that have an automatic operation because they will turn on and off depending on the requirements detected by the unit.

This detail can make all the difference if you’re focused on getting an energy-efficient alternative, and in this day and age, most owners want to consume as little power as possible.



Our recommendations



Hayward S180T92S


If you’re willing to invest in a quality pump that never disappoints you with its performance, this Hayward choice might be the right one to consider.

It’s one of those models available for sale that manage to get the job done no matter how harsh the circumstances can be.

The product can be assembled with ease, therefore allowing you to avoid calling a professional. Moreover, the fact that this unit is energy-efficient and provides a more than decent flow rate are two other aspects to take into account.

In addition to all of this, the S180T92S is made from good materials that have a high chance of withstanding the test of time. Despite being reasonably lightweight, the pump has a solid structure that will enable owners to rest assured that it will be able to function correctly.

Some consumers have reported that they had liked it if the pump was a bit quieter, but it still is considerably so when compared to other models they have used in the past. Others say that it took them a bit of time to assemble the unit, but it paid off since it is a great system that works every time.

Buy from for ($383.91)




Intex Krystal 28679EG


This low-maintenance system is another one you should keep in mind as we’ve found it to be highly recommended by many above ground pool pump reviews. Compared to other choices, it is significantly more affordable, thus enabling you to save some pennies for other expenses.

The 2150 GPH flow rate of this model means that it is more than capable of processing enough water. You just need to make sure that your pump has a capacity that ranges from 4,800 to 15,000 gallons. Bigger or smaller ones are not a good fit for this product and the other way around.

The neat thing about this choice is that it is entirely automatic and can be programmed conveniently and efficiently in accordance to the user’s necessities.

What this means for you is that you will be able to know that the pool is tended for. You won’t have to lift a finger to make any modifications as the Intex Krystal will take care of everything.

The system comprises a filter, the pump, as well as a chlorine generation. Therefore, you get everything you might ever have wished for in a pool pump combo of this kind.

Buy from for ($310.99)




Swimline Sand Master


If you’re looking for something even more budget-friendly, we recommend this choice from Swimline. It’s capable of doing its job for pools of which the capacity does not go over 9,800 gallons. So, in a way, it is designed for much smaller pools compared to other models that we have come across, including the Intex Krystal we’ve showcased in our selection.

Nonetheless, the model does come with a series of handy features such as its ability to process up to 20 gallons per minute. The model has a corrosion-resistant filter tank that can hold up to forty-two pounds of sand.

If you decide to purchase the Sand Master, you’ll be getting everything you need so that you can install it right out of the box. It comes with all of the fittings you will require for the installation process.

The pump runs on 115V so it is not suited for use in Europe and other countries where the voltage might be different from that used in the United States.

As the majority of those who have opted for the Sand Master seem to have only good things to say about it, we say that it might be worth a try.

Buy from for ($125.99)



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