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Best Flotec sump pump


If you’re in a hurry and can’t take some time to go through in-depth reviews and useful buying advice, this short paragraph prepared by our research team should allow you to find the best sump pump from Flotec. Our research has involved reading consumer reviews, expert opinions, results of reliability tests and comparisons, and our conclusion is that the Flotec FPSE2800A is the one you should consider. A winner in terms of versatility and reliability, this unit has been outfitted with a 1/3-HP engine that enables it to do its job without encountering any issue. The 15-ft power cable allows owners to avoid using extension cords. Besides, the thermoplastic construction of this option renders it lightweight and easy to work with. If the Flotec FPSE2800A id unavailable, the Flotec FPPM3600D-01/09 is the next best alternative.

If you’ve recently decided to purchase a sump pump from Flotec, we congratulate you. It’s one of the most reliable manufacturing brands in the industry of developing top-notch equipment intended for keeping your basement, pool, and aquariums in top shape. Since the market is overflowing with offers, it might be a nuisance for you to choose the right model. In that case, perhaps you’d benefit from reading our useful buyer’s guide.


How to choose a new sump pump from Flotec





The best Flotec sump pumps are all made with excellent materials and are constructed so that they last a lifetime. Nonetheless, the first factor you have to give some thought to is whether you’d prefer getting a pedestal model or a submersible unit. As their name suggests, these two kinds of sump pumps are different from one another mainly because of the way they will be installed.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to each. Typically, you’ll have access to the pit if you choose a pedestal model, but this detail might also make it vulnerable in the long run. If you are asking yourself which one of these two alternatives is the most reliable, the fact of the matter is that nothing beats a submersible sump pump to which a battery backup has been installed.





While some argue that the performance of the model isn’t strictly related to the power of the engine it has been outfitted with, it actually matters a great deal. A 1-HP motor will always do the trick even under very harsh circumstances, and a ¾-HP option might not be able to raise up to par if you live in an area where floods are more or less common.





Aside from the construction quality, motor reliability and power, as well as the actual materials that the unit has been made of, you’ll have to check just how much water it is capable of discharging on an hourly basis. Some Flotec products have GPM (gallons per minute) capacities written in their online descriptions, which is why you’ll have to do some maths to find out the GPH figure. Otherwise, you’ll have to look at the best Flotec sump pump reviews as there are many buyers who are helpful and can tell you this exact detail. Consider that with a higher performance and superior capabilities comes a higher price point.



Our recommendations



The best sump pumps from Flotec have been showcased below. We’ve taken the time to perform a market analysis to check which of the currently popular units from this brand are worth the price. Based on what we found about them, it appears that these next suggestions are worth considering. We made sure to include one of each type of model, whether you’re looking for a submersible, pedestal, or utility kind of sump pump.



Flotec FPSE2800A


This model is one of the top rated choices we have been able to come across while doing our research on the topic. It’s reliable and versatile and comes with a ⅓-HP engine that does the trick under most circumstances.

Besides, it has been outfitted with a 15-ft power cord that makes it possible for owners to avoid using extension cables. In case you weren’t aware of this, the use of extension cords is not recommended as the performance of the machine might be affected and your basement might end up being flooded because of this reason.

Another detail that’s rather reassuring about the FPSE2800A is that it is made of thermoplastic and is reasonably lightweight to be uninstalled and installed so that you get the most out of its services. What’s more, the design of this model makes it possible for solids measuring ¾ inches to pass through without affecting the capabilities of the unit.

As for the amount of water that this particular model can get rid of, you’ll be able to rest assured when you find out that it can discharge up to 3,600 gallons per hour at a lift of 0 feet.


Buy from for ($193.57)





Flotec FPPM3600D-01/09


As we were mentioning in the buyer’s guide, we made sure to include a pedestal model in our selection so that every prospective customer is able to select the right product for his or her needs.

That’s why we found that this unit is one of the highly recommended options out there as most of the individuals who’ve decided to invest their money in it were not disappointed. Much like the previously mentioned submersible alternative, this one has been equipped with a ⅓-HP engine that does precisely what it has been designed to do.

Also, the design and construction of this pedestal pump enable it to discharge up to 3,480 gallons on an hourly basis at an incline of 0 feet. Another detail that you might have to take into account is that this unit is outfitted with a non-clogging impeller, which is one of the reasons small solids are not a problem for this alternative. Having been described as one of the best sump pumps for tight spaces, the FPPM3600D-01/09 seems to be worth considering.

In fact, there have been owners who have reported that they have installed the machine in salty water environments, where they were pleasantly surprised to see that no issues involving corrosion have occurred after half a year of use.


Buy from for ($90.62)





Flotec Waterfall FP0S3000X


This last unit is different from the ones we have talked about earlier on, in that it is made for entertainment purposes.

The FP0S3000X has been primarily designed to be installed for streams and waterfalls where it can manage the volume of water by discharging up to three thousand gallons on an hourly basis.

Since this model is oil-free, it’s worth pointing out that it poses no threat to the environment in the water structure you might want to install it. Both plants and fish will keep on living healthy.

Given its installation process, this model has been built with parts that are non-corrosive and made to withstand the test of time. It’s one of the few pumps that features a stainless steel construction, which is why it’s easy to see that it takes the cake when it comes to durability.

Since this is a utility pump, you’ll be able to utilize it both efficiently and conveniently for multiple tasks you might have at hand. Considering its performance and versatility, you ought to give a chance to this unit if you’re in the market for one that gets the job done for multiple applications.


Buy from for ($69.37)





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