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Best Eco Flo sump pump


In case you’re trying to find out which is the best Eco Flo sump pump, then you should read on. We have carefully studied lots of models on the market so you get to save time and still enjoy a sump pump that gives you the best bang for the buck. We recommend that you get the Eco-Flo ECD75W. It has a powerful ¾ hp motor, has a solid iron cast body, and it can drain up to 6,000 GPH while also passing solids of up to ¾ inches. In the unfortunate event that this product is no longer available, you might also want to consider the Eco-Flo SUP80.


How to choose a new sump pump from Eco Flo


If you want to get a good sump pump from Eco Flo but don’t have any idea which model to choose from, you should read on. There are several things you need to take into consideration before buying a model, such as power, capacity or flow rate, type, as well as other features that might make your life a bit easier.



Power and capacity


Perhaps the most important feature of a sump pump is its motor. The power is rated in horsepower, and you can find models that can deliver anywhere from ½ horsepower or less to ¾ or even more than 1 hp. Depending on your needs, you might have to buy a unit with a powerful motor if you often need to drain a lot of water or a smaller sized pump.

Bear in mind that the more powerful the motor, the more energy it is going to use, so you’re better off with a smaller unit if you want to save money on utility bills.

The capacity of the pump is also very important. Its performance is measured in flow rate. This is measured in gallons per hour, or the amount of water a pump can drain in one hour.



Submersible or pedestal


You get to choose between a submersible or a pedestal pump. Both come with advantages and disadvantages. A submersible pump will stay submerged in water and do its job without anyone noticing. On the other hand, a pedestal will not be so sightly, especially if you are using it near living quarters.

A pedestal pump usually lasts longer than a submersible model, especially due to the fact that it doesn’t spend its entire life in water. You can choose the pump for sale that is suitable to your needs and preferences because, at the end of the day, both will perform a good job.



Manual or automatic


You also get to choose between a manually-operated pump or an automatic variant Eco Flo sump pump for sale. It’s obvious that the manual unit won’t work unless you turn it on, which is not something you can do if you’re not at home when something happens. An automatic pump won’t need you around so you get protection against flooding at all times.

However, a manual device is less likely to overheat or even become damaged if you supervise it, as you’ll be able to immediately turn it off to prevent it from working when water levels are lower than its intake. You can also check out reviews of Eco Flo sump pumps to decide which model is the right one for your needs.



Our recommendations



Eco-Flo ECD75W


The Eco-Flo ECD75W is a reliable submersible sump pump that can help you keep your basement water-free for years to come. This unit comes with a powerful ¾ horsepower motor that can move up to 6,000 gallons of water per hour. It can work efficiently in basins that are 18 inches in diameter and 24 inches deep.

Because it is submersible, you won’t have to worry about it affecting your decor, especially if you have living quarters in the basement or wherever you need a sump pump.

This submersible variant is also very quiet so you won’t hear loud noises as it pumps water out of the sump or basin. You get an 8-inch power cord, as well as a 2-inch discharge with this model.

This model comes with a robust body that is made of heavy-duty cast iron which makes it incredibly resilient.

The vortex impeller is made of thermoplastic and it can pass solids up to ¾ inches in size. The entire device is built to last so you can get many years of service and peace of mind that you won’t have any problems with water flooding your home.

Buy from for ($146.9)




Eco-Flo SUP80 Manual


Whether you need to ensure that your basement doesn’t get flooded or you want a reliable sump pump for a low-level area, window well, or even spa, then the submersible The Eco-Flo SUP80 is an excellent choice. This device is powered by a strong yet energy efficient 115V psc or permanent split capacitor which ensures a low carbon footprint.

The body of this unit is made of strong thermoplastic which makes it highly resistant to corrosion so you can use it for different applications in any type of water without worrying about damage, especially considering that this is a submersible model.

This pump has a ½ horsepower and it can drain up to 3,180 gallons per hour depending on elevation and water quality.

This efficient pump can also pass liquids that are no larger than ⅛ inches and it can drain water from flat surfaces up to ⅜ inches elevation.

The unit comes with a 10-inch cord and a water-cooled motor which ensures that it doesn’t overheat even during intense operation. This is a manual sump pump so you will have to monitor its activity and turn the on/off switch.

Buy from for ($93.49)




Eco-Flo EPC50 Pedestal


The Eco-Flo EPC50 is a durable pedestal sump pump that’s ideal for keeping your basement or other low-level areas that are prone to flooding free of water. Although it’s not out of sight as a submersible model, this sump pump can last a lot more than its submersible counterpart, especially given that its body is made of cast iron.

This pump has a powerful 115-volt capacitor motor that is capable of delivering ½ horsepower. The motor also comes with built-in protection against overheating so you won’t risk having it burned even under heavy-duty operation.

This device can move water at a flow rate of 5,000 gallons per hour, which should be more than enough for any residential needs.

The pump can pass all sorts of solids that aren’t larger than ⅜ inches so you can safely use it in most types of water without fearing that it will become clogged.

The float switch is mounted to the top part of the pump, keeping it safe from harm. Once water levels rise, the pump activates and starts draining water out so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Buy from for ($116.39)




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