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Best Barracuda sump pump


If you’re looking for the best Barracuda sump pump but aren’t sure about which one of their products might best suit your particular needs, then this short material should prove useful. After looking through a large number of barracuda sump pump reviews to compare what’s available for sale we’ve concluded that the Barracuda 6911671 should best satisfy most requirements, as it is both powerful and solidly built. It operates with the company’s split capacitor, continuous-duty ½ HP motor, which has a remarkable endurance and plenty of power. For a submersible design, the Barracuda 6913210 is the product we would choose.      


How to choose a new sump pump from Barracuda


Although a favorite of internet comments sections, talk regarding what is the best sump pump from Barracuda — or any other product from any other firm for that matter — is often sterile, as there are hardly any models that do everything equally as well. The “best model” will usually be the one that offers the characteristics you need for the money that you are willing to spend.

With this in mind, what are the trade-offs to consider when choosing a sump pump?



Pedestal or submersible


There are two main designs to settle on, the pedestal and the submersible. The pedestal keeps the motor well above the water level, in an open casing that provides both good ventilation and easy access for maintenance. You can also expect a very long life from pedestal lamp, as only the base is expected to be submerged.

A submersible layout offers the advantage of being more compact and silent, making it preferable for households where the basement is used as a living area. It is also comparatively more resistant to impact and can’t be as easily toppled over, which might make it more suitable in certain conditions, such as when small children are present.   



Motor power


Although the sump pump uses an electric motor, its output is generally expressed in horsepower, since speed is an important factor when determining its performance. Sump pumps commonly range between ⅙ and ½ HP, with some models going even higher than that.

Cost goes up proportional with how much power a unit offers, but other than that a higher output will be preferable regardless of the situation, since this doesn’t only affect the speed at which the unit will move water (expressed in gallons per hour or minute) but also the total amount of time it will be functioning. Less effective use means you can expect a longer life from your pump, hence better value for the buck.



Other things to consider


The casing on a sump pump must be both durable and corrosion resistant, although the second factor is less important for a pedestal design. Materials such as cast-bronze, stainless steel and cast-iron coated in an epoxy resin are used to ensure for both, while plastics are preferred for small, inexpensive models.  

An automated switch is one of the most important functions to look for, so the pump doing its job won’t be dependant on you remembering to turn it on. This will also shut the machine down after completing the task, so the motor won’t get damaged by running dry.



Our Recommendations



Barracuda 6911671


This pedestal sump pump should offer many years of reliable service, with a stainless steel/cast iron construction and a reliable ½ HP motor. This uses a split capacitor, which means it will draw less amperage from the network, significantly reducing the running temperature.

Since less heat translates in less stress on any electrical system, this motor should last longer than other models, especially as its housing offers proper ventilation. Lower amperage also makes it friendlier to the household wiring, and the continuous duty feature translates into less electricity used.

The base is made from the same cast-iron that Barracuda uses for its submersible pumps, so it will hold well to corrosion and provide a heavy footing for ample support. To cut down on weight, stainless steel was used for the column and impeller, as well as for the drive shaft connecting the motor and the float ball.

The floater is part of an automatic on and off switch, a highly convenient feature that should remove any worries of you forgetting to turn on the machine during the night.

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Barracuda 6913210


Another stainless-steel/cast iron construction, this time on a compact model that’s safe to stay submerged, on a stable base, out of eyesight and earshot.

Its motor delivers an impressive amount of power, ¾ HP to be precise, while also sporting the array of reliability enhancing features commonly found with Barracuda models. It has a split capacitor, which makes it cooler running and it’s continuous duty for a reduced energy consumption.   

With all this power it won’t have to run for long per session since it can move as much as 4,140 gallons every hour to a head height of 10 ft. The last metric refers to the height measured from the bottom of the sump to the point of discharge, and it’s important to note because it shows just how much trust Barracuda puts in this product.

A high head can seriously decrease the effective GPH capacity on weaker units because they’ll have to struggle with pushing a large mass of water against gravity. Some manufacturers misleadingly quote the maximum GPH taken at an impractically low elevation, like 1 foot. By contrast, 10 feet is higher than the point of discharge is commonly placed at.

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Barracuda 69133025


This is a small and inexpensive unit, which should prove easy to install and move around due to its reduced weight. Its casing is made from an unpretentious plastic material that’s resistant to corrosion, and the drive bits are stainless steel for extra durability.

A common feature with Barracuda pumps, the windings on the motor are made of solid copper to ensure the best electrical conductivity and increased efficiency. A couple more things to note about it is that the motor follows a split capacitor design to increase overall running life and comes equipped with an automatic thermal overload to keep it safe from overheating.

For some added convenience, the intake screen is removable to make it easier to clean, and a garden hose adapter is included in the package so you won’t have to go looking for one when in need.

While also submersible, it has double O-rings to keep it from leaking, and all the internal bits that contact the water have stainless steel jackets.

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