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Best Barracuda submersible sump pump


If you’re interested in buying a sump pump and decided upon a Barracuda but aren’t all that familiar with their current line of products, then you’ve come to the right place. The 6913209 is arguably the best sump pump from Barracuda currently available for sale if you want good performance and reliability for a mid-range price. You will not be able to find anything more powerful than this unit out there, and the cast iron construction will ensure many years of corrosion-free use. If you’re really on a budget and willing to settle for less power, then the 69133025 is the product to look for.


How to choose a new submersible sump pump from Barracuda


Submersible sump pumps are sometimes preferred for being more discreet than the eyesore that is the pedestal variety. This is rarely mentioned as a factor in barracuda sump pump reviews, but an important thing to consider if the basement also doubles as a working or living area.

Besides this feature that we assume the reader already decided upon, what are the things to look for when deciding upon the best Barracuda sump pump for one’s needs?





Since it will spend a lot of its time underwater, it’s important that the materials a submersible sump pump is made of won’t corrode. Overall toughness can also be regarded as a factor since flimsier casings can break under the weight of the electrical motor inside if toppled over.

For the best of both worlds, reliable, sturdy materials like cast-bronze and epoxy-coated cast-iron are used, with stainless-steel, alloys and various types of plastics also employed to reduce weight in order to facilitate transport.

The sump pump must also be watertight to prevent any leakage, which means that double O-rings and jacketed shaft seals will be common features of its construction.





Depending on the volume the pump is expected to drain and the budget available a stronger or weaker pump might be preferable. The unit price almost always correlates to maximum power, and top models can develop as much as ½ HP with weaker ones going as low as ⅙ HP.  

This directly affects the speed at which a pump will do its job, which is indicated in gallons per hour (GPH) or gallons per minute (GPM). The vertical distance from the bottom of the sump to the highest point of discharge (called the “head”) will also factor into this figure, as it can give the machine a larger mass of water to move, against the direct force of gravity.

If the basin stands at a considerable height from the floor, then investing in a powerful model is advisable. Another thing to note is that power can also indirectly prolong the life of the motor since it will cut down on the effective running time.



The switch


An important thing to have is an automatic switch, which uses either a floater, a diaphragm or a mercury-based system to turn the machine on and off whenever certain reaches a certain level. Besides making for great convenience, since you won’t have to worry about turning the machine on and off, this can also increase a pump’s reliability by preventing it from running dry.



Our Recommendations



Barracuda 6913209


The solid cast iron construction of this model just screams reliability. It also features a split-capacitor motor, a solution that significantly reduces the running temperature, diminishing the stress it has to endure both in normal regimes and when running dry.

There’s no need to worry about forgetting to stop the pump on time, however, since this model features a vertical float switch, which turns it on and off if activated by water building up on the floor.

If for some reason this function isn’t desired, the float can be disconnected, leaving you with a manually activated pump.

The model is in the higher ranges of power, at ½ HP, which means it will both perform well in pushing a large mass of water to a tall mounted drain, and it will do it fast enough that the motor won’t overheat.

This pump will be strong enough to pass twigs or leaves that might be floating in the water, and the thermoplastic impeller it uses has been specifically designed to prevent any of these items from causing clogs.

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Barracuda 69133025


This model might not offer you the power of more expensive ones, but its motor does have some features to make it more efficient and increase its lifespan. A split capacitor is there to reduce amp draw and make it run a little cooler. This is important since heat tends to damage electrical mechanisms over time, making their parts wear much faster.

On top of that, this unit comes equipped with a built-in automatic thermal overload, which should keep it safe if excessive levels of heat are reached, as it might happen if it’s running dry or is put to work for extended periods.

This pump should drain a basement at an acceptable speed, as the ¼ HP its motor produces is about average, and would only require supplementing for especially demanding situations. The mid-sized motor and thermoplastic construction ensure that this unit will be light enough to move around and easy to install.

For added convenience, the intake screen is removable for better access to the internal parts that most often require cleaning.

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Barracuda 93507


This item has similar specifications to the 6913209, and it follows a somewhat similar layout, but with a noticeably larger base that allows it to be placed higher off the floor. Because of this, the float system had been replaced with a different auto-switch.

This shouldn’t affect its functionality much, as the auto on and off function that prevents its motor from running needlessly is still there, and with ½ HP of total output, this might use the same powerplant as the previously mentioned model.

It’s also a split capacitor construction, which reduces the running temperature thus giving it a longer life, and continuous duty, which makes it more economical while also slightly increasing the power output for some extra gallons of water removed every minute.

To prevent the sump from leaking, it’s been outfitted with double O-ring seals and the shaft is platen in stainless steel, so it doesn’t corrode. The exterior cast iron casing, painted black and covered with an epoxy resin, will ensure that the model will stay rust-free for the 5-10 years of service you should expect from a submersible sump pump.  

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