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Best 1 hp sump pump


If time is not free for you to go over our buying guide and product suggestions, maybe this short paragraph can still help you find the best 1 HP sump pump. Our comparison of some of the popular products on the market was based on quality and value. This led us to what many have rated highly, the WAYNE CDU1000. This device is truly designed for the punishing conditions of water transfer from properties because of its cast iron and stainless steel construction. Using domestic and imported parts, this option is assembled in the USA, which ensures quality and expert craftsmanship. Air locks are eliminated and clogging is prevented thanks to the top suction pump design. If your search for the WAYNE CDU1000 turns up nothing because of unavailability of stocks, we recommend the second best option, the XtremepowerUS X6045.


How to choose a new 1 HP sump pump


Considering how flooding can easily wreck everything you have invested to build your property and home, getting a quality sump pump is always a sensible decision. That said, deciding which one among the many 1HP models on the market is suitable for your needs will not be stress-free at all.

Let our buying guide point you in the right direction.



Build quality


When considering any model for sale, your first point of consideration is the craftsmanship of the unit. While plastic may seem a good fit because of the nature of its job, a sump pump can also be built from a variety of equally rust-resistant but tougher materials such as stainless steel and cast iron.

The sump pump should feel solid and strong despite a compact and lightweight build. It should be fully submersible as well so it can do its job optimally. Don’t just settle because a unit is cheaper than all the others. You still want a unit that is built to be tough and can withstand the stress of its functionality.



Reliable power and performance


Water transfer is the main reason you buy a sump pump in the first place. Therefore, for any option to be truly a good 1 HP sump pump, it has to be able to move water fast and powerfully. Check the manufacturer’s specifications on how many gallons of water, dirty or clean, the device can move per hour or per minute.

This will give you an idea of the unit’s capacity to protect your property, especially during severe weather where the flow of water might become overwhelming for a less powerful option to handle.

The flow rate should be acceptable even at smaller depths or shorter discharge lift heights. Look for units with a stated National Pipe Taper (NPT) discharge to ensure it is compatible with your existing plumbing layout.



Other features


While manual sump pumps only switch on and off when needed, the automatic or powered ones in 1 HP sump pump reviews have a switch wired to them that engages them when a certain level of water is reached. The variety of automatic switches ranges from pressure, low-level pressure, field-effect or solid-state water sensor, to float switches.

The maximum height that water is moved by the pump is designated as its head pressure. This means a 15-foot maximum head will move water to a height of 15 feet prior to full flow loss. This includes friction loss from long horizontal flows as well as loss from bends/elbows.

You want heavy gauge wiring to support the operations of more powerful electric motors over a long distance from the main service socket. This will ensure enough motor voltage for optimal pumping performance. You can also select from single or three-phase induction motors powered from the mains and rated in various volts. Residential purpose motors are not available in three-phase configurations.



Our recommendations





Outfitted with a 1 HP motor that delivers a robust flow rate of 5,400 gallons an hour, the fully submersible WAYNE CDU1000 delivers a more reliable performance unlike any other. Constructed with a body or housing out of stainless steel together with a cast iron base, this option ensures enough durability to serve your water transfer needs for years.

You can trust the top suction pump design that eliminates clogging due to debris in the bottom of the sump basin.

The worry-free design also means no air locks. Because it is assembled in the USA using domestic and imported parts, you can be sure this option has a quality construction and will offer a dependable performance.

It can move 3,960 gallons per hour at 10 feet of discharge lift. This ensures the basement remains dry and flood-free. The 1.5-inch NPT discharge provides a problem-free installation and setup.

This option is suitable for sump pits with 11 inches of diameter and larger. It switches to the on state at a level of 9 inches then turns off at 4 inches. You will also appreciate the compact size of 8 x 8 x 12 inches.

Buy from for ($186.72)




XtremepowerUS X6045


Geared with 1 inch and 1.25-inch discharge fittings, the XtremepowerUS X6045 provides dependable water moving functionality for homes and small businesses, farms, and other lighter duty applications. It delivers a maximum suction capacity of 38 feet. It keeps your property and home protected from damage due to water when the weather is inclement.

With its electric cord of 26 feet, the pump connects effortlessly to your main panel system to operate with optimal capacity and speed. Water is kept out of your property so you can enjoy peace of mind during ugly weather.

You will appreciate the maximum flow rate of 3.000 gallons per hour especially when you see the area around you slowly filling up with water. The water transfer capacity should be enough to keep flooding at bay or just to move water from your swimming pool during regular maintenance.

This model also accommodates large particulates with its maximum debris suction capacity of ⅜ inches, capably handling the accompanying dirt with the water during operations. It doesn’t run on batteries so power is sustained during long operating times. This option is energy efficient at 120 volts and 750 watts operating draw.

Buy from for ($75.95)



Homdox AM004488


Simplifying your water transfer needs, the Homdox AM004488 helps you deal with flooding in your area during terrible weather. It provides strong water moving capability to protect your property and home from sure damage during floods.

With its maximum flow rate of 3,566 gallons per hour, this sump pump moves water quickly and should have no problem keeping up even when the rise of the water becomes really fast. It moves up to 13,500 liters every hour to keep your property free from water in less time. It accommodates a maximum submersion height of 29.5 feet so it will continue doing its job even when it’s pouring outside.

The maximum submersion depth is 16.4 feet so you can leave it in your sump basin without digging deeper to accommodate the pump. Connecting to your mains is facilitated via the 16.4 feet power cord. This model is suitable for residential installations with its 1.5 inches discharge bore.

Three different diameter fittings are provided in the package to accommodate outflow fixtures varying from 1 inch to 1.25 and 1.5 inches.

Buy from for ($60.99)




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