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Best 1/2 HP sump pump


If you’re in a hurry and can’t take some time to go through in-depth reviews and useful buying advice, this short paragraph prepared by our research team should allow you to find the best ½ HP sump pump. Our research has involved reading consumer reviews, expert opinions, results of reliability tests and comparisons, and our conclusion is that the Zoeller 98-0001 M98 is the one you should consider. This model has been outfitted with all the features of a dependable unit, in that it even comes with a 1-½-inch NPT to allow solids measuring ½” to pass through its system. The flow rate of this Zoeller option is another factor to consider as it can get rid of as many as 3,660 gallons on an hourly basis, at an incline of zero feet. This product is a sturdy sump pump that appears to be built to be sustainable. If the Zoeller 98-0001 M98 is unavailable, the Superior Pump 91570 is the next best alternative.


Getting a powerful sump pump these days can be an adventure as the market holds multiple offers for many products. That’s why we’ve decided to give you a hand in selecting the right model, especially if you’ve been trying to find a dependable ½ HP model and have failed to discover the specific one for your requirements. Check out our comprehensive buyer’s guide for more information.



How to choose a new 1/2 HP sump pump



What type of design are you looking for?


One of the first factors that should be on your mind when sifting through the many alternatives available for sale out there is whether you’d prefer a pedestal or a submersible model. In most cases, pedestal options are easier to maintain than the vast majority of their submersible counterparts. In addition to this, they’re more affordable. Besides, if anything goes wrong with the machine and a technician or specialist has to repair it, he or she will have no trouble reaching all the parts that need to be tended to.

By contrast, submersible pumps have to be set up below the water level. Maintenance is a nuisance, in this case, as the motor is practically unreachable. What’s more, this kind of unit has to be made of rugged materials that not only withstand the test of time, but are also capable of providing protection for the engine, in that no water has to come in contact with it. Nonetheless, most users seem to prefer this design as it makes considerably less noise even than the best ½ HP pedestal sump pump.



It’s all about the flow rate


Despite the fact that some people tend to think that it all boils down to the power of the engine that the model has been outfitted with, the fact is that the flow rate often matters most.

This detail is an indicator regarding the amount of water that the sump pump is capable of discharging on an hourly or minute-to-minute basis. Since not all machines are created the same, the flow rate substantially differs from one to the next. In that case, what you have to consider is your needs and ask yourself whether you live in an area where water-related disasters are something common or not. The golden rule to choosing wisely is that a higher flow rate is always better.



Materials and construction


When tackling the matter of the materials with which the product has been constructed, you might want to know that plastic is a no-go if you’re looking for a dependable option.

However, since most prospective buyers are looking for good to excellent value at a reasonable price, many manufacturing companies have started producing their units using thermoplastic. Even with these alternatives, you might come to notice that the motor is usually encased in a component that’s made of stainless steel or cast iron, despite the fact that that the outer structure is thermoplastic. In the end, your budget has a great say when it comes to choosing a sump pump.



Our recommendations



Some of the best models we were able to track down following weeks of research have been showcased below. Rest assured that these units will serve you when you need them the most as they’re dependable, convenient, and even budget-friendly. Furthermore, they’ve garnered the best ½ HP sump pump reviews.



Zoeller 98-0001 M98


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Zoeller is one of the critically acclaimed brands in the industry of developing top-notch sump pumps. This company has made a name out of creating the most efficient models out there, and so that’s why this one is just as good at what it’s supposed to do.

As with other products we have browsed through while doing our research, this one comes with a reliable ½ HP motor that enables it to pump up to 73 gallons per minute with a 5-foot head. The hourly flow rate is 3,660 gallons at an incline of zero feet.

As if these two specs weren’t enough to convince you that the 98-0001 M98 is effective and convenient, the brand has included a 1-½” NPT that makes it possible for the sump pump to allow ½-inch solids to pass through its system. Therefore, the chance of this submersible alternative of ever getting clogged is considerably decreased.

Another detail that’s worth mentioning about this model is that it has been outfitted with a power cord that measures 15 feet. In case you didn’t know, the use of extension cables with sump pumps is strictly prohibited as they might affect their functionality.



The unit has overall great reviews and is well liked by current users, an aspect that speaks in favor of its reliability.

According to the manufacturer, the product does not contain any metal parts that will rust or corrode and no screens that will clog. Consequently, the maintenance won’t be a nuisance.

The fact that it comes fitted with a practical automatic shut off qualifies the model as dependable and safe to use without supervision.

Because it is made from durable, high-quality materials, those settling for this model won’t have to worry about its sturdiness.



There have been cases where users have complained about having issues with the model’s float arm. However, these issues only occurred after years of constantly using the pump.

Some users pointed to the fact that this product is more expensive than similar models out there.


Buy from for ($247.95)





Superior Pump 91570


If you’ve been trying to find a dependable model, but you’re unwilling to ruin your entire budget over purchasing a submersible alternative, perhaps this thermoplastic Superior Pump ½ HP sump pump might be the perfect solution to your problems.

This unit can prove its worth under many circumstances, whether you intend to install it in your cellar or simply remove water from a flooded boat, rain barrel, window well, or stock tank.

Since the flow rate is the specification you need to keep your eyes on while prospecting the market, we’ll set your mind at ease by letting you know that the one of the 91570 is more than adequate for what your purpose might be.

In this sense, the product can remove as many as 3,300 gallons on an hourly basis at an incline of zero feet and as many as 2,520 gallons for every hour that goes by at a lift of 10 feet.

Judging by the reviews it has gathered over time, this model seems to be one of the popular choices available nowadays. It’s been praised time and time again for its performance, and some owners have even gone as far as to state that it is a basement savior.



Money wise, this model can be deemed as affordable, a reason why many decide to invest in it.

The product is ideal if you live in an area that has been affected by flooding, especially because this model is capable to remove the water down to 5/8 inch of the surface.

Additionally, this model is sought after due to the fact that it can tackle debris (it passes up to 3/8 inch solids).

This unit has a thermoplastic construction and its impeller is made out of stainless steel.  Therefore, the device is quite solid.



One buyer that used the unit to pump water from a mountain stream has reported that the model got clogged up with sediment.

At the time we have carried out our research, there were consumers that noted that the model was not as fast as they had expected. However, these are personal expectations and have nothing to do with the product itself.


Buy from for ($85.55)





Wayne VIP50



As Wayne is one of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry of making sump pumps, it stands to reason that this model is in entire compliance with the brand’s quality standards.

Besides, this sturdy thermoplastic portable pump has been designed with the needs of the user in mind. On the one hand, it can remove up to 2500 gallons per hour at an incline of 0 feet and 1550 gallons per hour at a lift of 10 feet.

Aside from the capacity, one needs to consider the power of the model when prospecting the market for a new sump pump. Fortunately, this one comes outfitted with a ½-HP motor, so you don’t have to worry about anything in this sense.

What else is worth mentioning about this model? The discharge that it has been equipped with can allow the pump to pass small solids of up to half an inch in size so that it doesn’t get clogged as easily as other alternatives.

While some consumers have tried to use it for draining ponds and such, it might not be recommended for the purpose as leaves tend to clog it rather easily. In case you plan to utilize it for your basement, you might want to know that the Wayne VIP50 is entirely submersible.



This unit is one of the few sump pumps that have been constructed in the United States of America.

The fact that it has been outfitted with a ½-HP motor gives a pointer as to whether or not it will offer you the benefit of excellent performance all throughout the many years you’re going to rely on its services.

The model has been designed to be capable of pumping even small solids measuring half an inch.

While it isn’t made out of metal or stainless steel like some of its competitors, it has been constructed with a sturdy thermoplastic material that enables it to withstand the test of time. At the same time, this detail renders it corrosion-resistant.

It can get rid of as many as 2500 gallons for every hour that goes by.



The performance depends on the debris you might have in the wastewater. If you’re trying to get rid of leaves, the pump could get clogged as it wasn’t designed for too big solids.


Buy from for ($82.39)





Wayne SPV-800


To satisfy the needs of consumers who are searching for a pedestal sump pump, we made sure to include the Wayne SPF-800 in our selection, as well.

This model has been highly spoken of time and time again as it features a sturdy construction consisting of a cast iron base and epoxy-coated steel column. This type of build renders the unit virtually indestructible, but that’s not the only detail that should impress and even convince you to order it.

In fact, the Wayne SPV-800 has been made in such a way so as to speak to the needs of hobbyists and home plumbers who want to set up the sump pump all by themselves.

Thanks to the standard plumbing installation that is required for the SPV-800, you’ll have no trouble setting it up wherever its services are needed.

This 5-foot draw model is rated at 4,200 gallons per hour, which is why it stands to reason that you’ll be able to sleep well at night and know that the SPV-800 will keep waters always at bay. In addition to all of this, many buyers have emphasized that this unit makes little to no noise, which is why it’s great to install in a home where a family with small children resides.



Because the unit uses a standard flexible discharge hose, those settling for this model won’t need the help of a plumber to make the pump work.

According to current consumers, this unit can actively lift water at 7 feet.

The product comes fitted with a cord that measures 90 inches. As some users pointed out, this is a pretty good length as it offers enough maneuvering space.

The model comes equipped with a cast iron base that ensures its stability.



Due to the fact that this model uses a rotor blade, the unit only pumps liquids. Therefore, if you want to use it to remove sewage waste, this model is not suitable for you.

Some claimed that they had trouble reaching the manufacturer in order to settle a series of warranty issues. Still, not many customers have had this problem up until now.


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